Where do I begin this post on looking back?

Should I talk about the new direction I decided to take with my main blog in September this year?

Or maybe the fact that I read one of the best books I’ve ever read in a long, long time?

Maybe the last quarter where I fell head over heels in love with fitness and working out?

So much has happened in 2019 that I am truly, deeply overwhelmed at how things have worked out and how the universe has aligned to bring me where I am today.

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2019 was the year that made me walk into a phase of my life where I was absolutely comfortable with who I am, what I do and be unabashedly myself again.

The strange thing? I was that person well into my mid and late ’20s.

But somewhere along the way, in the last decade or so, I slipped into a lot of phases where I tried things, not because I wanted to, but because I was told I should.

For instance, writing a book.

It was in 2019 that I deeply faced this truth for the first time. That memoir I’ve been writing since the beginning of 2015? There’s a very real possibility that it may never see the light of day.

Truth be told, I am not sure if I want to be a published writer. While I reflected on the ‘why’, it came to me that it was not my own dream: it was something other people told me I should do.

However, when I think about the direction, growth and focus I’ve seen for my other blog, the way I dove into re-branding it, learning and re-learning everything as I went along, I realised this was MY dream.

I made time for it because I wanted to do it.

What a BIG difference that made!


2019 was the year I FINALLY made peace with social media the way I wanted to.

I know I say that ever so often, but this time it was a mindset shift like no other.

I completely stepped back from engaging in arguments, proving my point or even sharing updates frequently, both on Facebook and Twitter.

A couple of reasons for that would be books like ‘Digital Minimalism‘ and ‘The One Thing‘ that I read this year.

Another more important reason was much, much deeper.

It was knowing that I didn’t have to be constantly connected every single waking moment of my life.

Doing that deliberately made all the difference in my approach to these platforms.

Instagram is one place I found my tribe this year and for that, I will always be very grateful.


For a long time, the online space had kept me away from my inner voice. In late 2019, I found solace once again by turning back towards my guru and re-learning the lessons I’d forgotten.

One of the biggest things I re-learnt was that people will accept me for who I am and what I stand for, irrespective of my personal/political/religious beliefs.

If they don’t, that’s perfectly fine too. 🙂


2019 was the year I took to learning a lot of things.

From blogging courses to fitness videos, nutritional tips to healthy recipes, it has been one of the most enriching years I can remember.

As 2020 dawns early tomorrow, I have chosen my word for the year.

I choose ‘GROWTH’ for the year ahead.

From growing my blog professionally to growing on my chosen spiritual path to growing in the fitness space, the year ahead is filled with possibilities.

With that, I wish you all a delightful, blessed, enriching year ahead.

14 thoughts on “Lessons from 2019 and Hello, 2020!

  1. You can be crowned Instagram queen for all the useful tips you shared throughout the year. Always inspiring to visit your blog and feed.

  2. Wish you a positive growth in 2020. I totally agree that the world will accept you for the person you are and even if they don’t then it is perfectly fine.

  3. You indeed had an amazing 2019 and I can understand how amazing it must feel to be comfortable with who you are. It definitely would have taken a lot of effort. Growth is such a beautiful word. May you grow this year in all the ways you wish too. Wishing you an amazing year ahead.

  4. Growth is a perfect word.
    Having seen your journey, I am immensely proud of you. 2019 was your year and I wish 2020 is too. I agree with the point that one should do what they want. I enjoy your IG posts and all that you help bloggers with. It’s so good.
    Wishing you a calm, happy and successful 2020, Shailaja!

  5. You sound so sorted here and that makes me so happy 🙂

    Your memoir, please do try to get it published. No matter why you started it, you put in so much effort into it. It matters, right?

    So proud of you for your fitness goals!

    Wishing you a fantabulous 2020, Shy! Let’s meet more often this year <3

    Lots of love!

  6. Your post exudes so much happiness and positivity. I’m amazed at how you keep yourself motivated and that reflects in every sphere of your life. If there’s one thing I’m sure of it is that 2020 will be another great year for you. As for the memoir, hold on to it. You never know there may be another time when you may get to it.

  7. Simply brilliant stuff Shy – your motivation and thought process is quite unique and I wish you all the success and luck with continuing down this road. Your blog is fabulous and is so are all the blogging tutorials you keep dispensing out with so much joy.

    Loving your fitness story too and hope you reach your desired goals soon enough!!

    Wish you a very fulfilling year ahead!! XOXO

  8. I like the conviction and confidence you have in yourself. Kudos for believing in yourself and leading your life with discipline.
    May 2020 be everything that you wanted and more! Cheers!

  9. I had a feeling about your memoir. But I really didn’t know that you were writing it on someone else’s behest. Maybe, some day you may pick it up again. So proud of all your dedication and effort. And yay to all the fitness effort you made this year that you are carrying forward to the New Year. Good luck with everything that you do. Let’s meet again soon. Lots of love.

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