Let go- #Amwriting

All the hurt, all the pain,

all those unspoken bruises

let them go.

Bundle up those stalks,

the ones that cut so deep

with their thorns sharper than the farmer’s scythe.

Tie them up into a heap so tight that they have no room to breathe

and fling them so far away that your eyes can’t catch sight of where they fall.

Take every ounce of betrayal and every pound of hurt,

toss them together with the gut-wrenching gasps of self-pity and hurl it all into the ocean.

Watch with a quiet sense of pride as the waves swallow the grief.

The wake

Let it all go!

Let it fly,

Let it fall on the darkest side of the farthest hill.

Hold only that which matters the most-

the potion of love, tempered with compassion and empathy, enough to destroy

a thousand coffers of sadness.

With that one magic mixture, you have within you the greatest gift of all-



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19 thoughts on “Let go- #Amwriting

  1. Letting Go, I have struggled and struggled with this so much. The more I struggled the harder it got to break free. That is when I realised that I need to let it happen rather than make it happen, and things just worked out from there. Have I gotten over things completely, maybe not yet but I sure am getting there. Lovely lovely words 🙂

  2. OMG. Loved it! Loved it! Loved it!.. Your every word is so powerful. I have been reading your posts from some time and i say are gifted shailaja madam. U inspire me!

    Please drop by when you find time and give away your thoughts and suggestions as i am taking baby steps in the journey of blogging.


  3. I agree with Sid, though completely desirable, it is really difficult to let go when they keep popping up on and off. Even otherwise, I think healing is a process. One needs to go through the stages like hurt, denial, anger, frustration, grief and so on till acceptance and letting go happens.

  4. Quite easy to say ‘to let it go’, but equally hard to do so. Because unlike a couple of decades ago, if you wanted to move away from things or people who hurt you, it was easy – the connection was physical. But today’s social media ‘connection’ and ‘interlinked friends’ make sure that their faces pop in at least once in a while.
    Great choice of words, Shailaja. I hope this means closure.

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