“Are you just going to ignore it?”

“What? I’m not ignoring anything. It’s just the way it is.”

“Really? Let’s talk about that for a second. You don’t see him in the room?”

“The big, grey elephant taking up more than half the space along my best wall? Sure I see him. But he’s not the problem here.”

“That’s your problem. Right there. You see it but you don’t acknowledge it. Why the hell do I bother talking to you?”

“I don’t know. So just leave me alone then. Easier on us both.”

Silence. Seconds tick away but it feels like hours, as the wind catches everything in the air and magnifies it a hundredfold; rustling of the autumn leaves, the whirring of the fan’s blades as they whip the air in the room about, the breathing of two people desperate to communicate but unable to say anything more.

She opens her mouth to say something and then slams it shut. He wasn’t going to listen. What was the point?

Looking up, his eyes catch the question in her eyes but he averts his gaze and instead stares at the glowing blue display in his hand. Nimble fingers fly across the touchscreen on his phone, typing, I apologise. That was uncalled for. Let’s talk about it.

Smiling she sends across two emojis, a heart and a smile and texts back, So glad we are having this chat. Talking makes everything better.

Heads bent over their screens, the couple sitting five feet apart in the same room could swear they both heard the same sound but ignore it.

It was the sound of an elephant laughing over the use of the word Talk.


*Image courtesy: Elephant by Shutterstock

23 thoughts on “Let’s Talk – #FlashFiction

  1. Most of our communication during the week happens over text so I insist on putting the device away on weekends 😉 You know me. I get my way 😀

  2. The elephant would have been happy if the couple booked a trunk call to talk to each other 😀 #LamePun

    In this world where it’s easy to lose yourself in a phone, I really think that at least love should stay unadulterated. A nice calm chat would solve matters in a more effective long lasting way, no? Feelings become emojis on text messages, and real feelings can be easily disguised through them!

  3. Interesting that it actually made me happy initially to know that they are communicating. Until I really thought about it. Sad reality of our times. Sigh.

  4. Ah, the ‘truth’ 🙂
    Sometimes though, I do use it to dispel the anger and when we’ve just had an argument. We both find that sometimes we can articulate better through writing (typing) rather than be yelling and say something that we can’t take back.

    So yes, while I do prefer talking face to face, can’t help but use tech wisely too

  5. How sad! The tabs and smartphones have taken over this planet. Surely, it’s so much more gratifying to scream out in anger than type in bold. At least for this, they should put away the phones!

  6. Oh, that was a bit sad to read. How important it is to leave all those devices aside and just BE with your loved ones- let’s talk … but for real… Loved the read Shailaja dear. Sending hugs:-)

  7. Sad reality of our times, where couples would rather text than have face to face conversations. They have grown apart and it is this technology that connect them, somehow!

  8. I feel sad reading this. How hard it is for people close to each other to stop talking via emojis and start saying a few words. Looks like there are babies around us who need to be taught how to speak. Such a sad reality.
    Nicely penned, Shailaja.

  9. Tell me about it…Here in Singapore I have seen public awareness videos in some train stations about the importance of talking to people and not to your phones.

  10. Please cry. I am seriously appalled at the number of heads I see bent over screens, literally everywhere. Cannot even begin to express how sad I feel when I go walking and all I see are heads looking down.

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