Love me little,
love me lots,
love me kindly
Even for my faults.

Love me through sickness,
Love me through health,
Love me for my open wounds
and my covered scars.

Love me for my spirit
Love me for my passion
Let your love not be tempered
By disdain or retribution.

For this is the love
That I tender unto you;
It’s imperfect, it’s broken
But at least it’s true.

– Shailaja


What do I have for you to take from me?

I have these:

They are broken, fragmented, shattered in the kiln of experience,
Blanched, roasted, seared in the fire of pain,
Mellifluous, soothing, soft like the first summer’s rain,
Ticklish, ribbing and delightful as a ladybug in Spring’s magnificence.

With these, I shape my craft:
I form my potter’s vase, paint my canvas and strum a tune on the guitar.

They are all I have. They are for you as they are for me.

They are my words.

Β© Shailaja Vishwanath

Wrote these poems off the cuff a while ago. Felt the need to share them on the blog. What did you think?

18 thoughts on “Love and other words

  1. Beautiful poem . Totally Loved it .You have described the poem by using day to day happening which require love. Awesome read☺

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