The soft sounds of my Amazon echo alarm go off at 5.15 am, reminding me that it’s time to rise and greet the day. Sitting up in bed, I stretch and open my eyes, letting them get accustomed to the dark, even while tiny rays of the morning sun sneak their way in through the heavy drapes on my windows.

For a few long seconds, my eyes close again. Breathe in, breathe out. It’s time for my one-minute morning meditation which helps prepare me for the day ahead. The whole house is still, not a creature a-stirring and  there’s something extremely gratifying about that. Finding our peace in our own solitude is so important.

When my feet leave the warmth of the blankets and find their way to the floor, I step gently, not wishing to take away from the preciousness of the moment.

After padding my way to the kitchen, I warm up two glasses of water to begin my day.

Settling down with my trusty notepad with its to-do list, I imagine how my day will unfold. From its must-do items to love-to-do items, everything finds its way to this list.

There’s a pleasant hum in my head as I think about the last 18 months. From the time I decided to take this step forward to the challenges I faced, every step has been nothing short of revelatory.

And while it was all exciting, underneath there was this shade of impostor syndrome. That lurking feeling of ‘Am I really cut out for this?’

Every time I had to tell someone that I was working for myself, I did it with a bit of hesitation and self-deprecation. The way they responded reinforced my belief that I wasn’t ready and this was a fool’s errand.

It didn’t help that everywhere online I looked, I read about failed startups and crushed entrepreneurial dreams. Not exactly helping things along, Universe!

Then, something changed. I don’t know if it was the books that I began reading or the people I began confiding in or the stars just aligned, but things began to look up.

Looking into the mirror every morning, I began to believe from the depth of my being that this was meant to be. I dove head-first into learning the ins and outs of a business, changed my mindset to become more accepting of new ideas and consciously sought out people who’d encourage me on this path.

Slowly, without even my realising it, the thing I was working on became the thing that I loved doing every single day.

What I loved about blogging was the connections I made with my readers. The stories I told through my blog and the anecdotes I shared with my friends all created a vibe that seemed unique.

In my business, that transitioned to the one-on-one conversations I now have with my clients, readers and e-mail subscribers.

I didn’t stop blogging; I just started connecting in other ways as well.

Knowing that I could help them with a challenge spurs me to keep going, keep learning and keep expanding on my knowledge reserves like nothing else can.

Today I learnt that is the secret to truly loving what you do: To dig deep and find your why. Yes, it’s a business that I run, but it’s the heart that keeps it going, day after day.

Knowing that someone, somewhere is benefiting from the work that I do is reason enough for me to fall in love with this job every single day.

16 thoughts on “Loving what you do

  1. I love my mornings too. So I can imagine the feeling of joy. I am more running around to get to my work out at 5:45 am but I still love the calm outside.
    You are doing a great job, Shailaja! I know I haven’t been able to implement and learn because of my time commitments but I know they are precious. So thank you. You are making amazing strides and I am so proud of you. Hugs!

  2. So very happy for you, Shy! You’ve always been inspiring and you are one of the followers/entrepreneurs who look up to. This post is all I needed today. Thank you very much. Lots of love..

  3. A beautiful post, extremely positive and uplifting. Despite the best of intentions when the clouds of self-doubt creep in, they can put the brakes on the wheels of progress. I am glad that you are past that stage and continuing on your chosen path with your characteristic zeal and passion. Keep shining Shy!

  4. This is definitely the best post I read today. Makes me so very happy for you. I hope the coming months and years reinforce this faith in yourself and your goals and dreams. Wishing you the very best, now and always. But you know that. 🙂

  5. I have never been a morning person but just reading about your mornings makes me feel better and inspiring. All the best on your new venture and may all your mornings be as good.

  6. I long to wake up to such peaceful mornings. Mine go in a blur. Loved the message in the end. Indeed when we love what we do, it is truly satisfying. I have immense admiration for the amount of hardwork you put in to share your knowledge. We all have learned from you 😊

  7. Reading the beginning lines of this post hit me with a realisation that I have missed this form of flow in the writing. A simple task of waking up encompassing such minute and finite steps are lovely to make note of.
    It is a wonderful feeling to love the work one does with all of one’s heart despite the nagging voices inside. There will always be voices (extrinsic) comprising of a group which supports us and also the group which sees no value in our work, whatever we do. It is worth listening to the supportive voices and zoning out of the others. Without a doubt, there have been many who have benefitted from your work and passion for helping in their own ways.

  8. Glad you found your passion and your belief in yourself. Wishing you ongoing success. I too like to sit in solitude and sip my cuppa each morning. These are moments I treasure.

  9. This post makes me feel so happy. For you first and then for me. It sure is a blessing to love what you do, not everyone is lucky enough to get to do that.

    With time, I have come to love the work I do. More so because it gives me the time to follow my passions and help me be me. I feel blessed in more ways than one.

    You, my dear, are doing a fabulous job and I wish that you scale greater heights soon.

    Love! <3

  10. How wonderful to wake up to reflective silence . I too savour these precious moments of me time as I sift through my mental to do list .
    Unfortunately not every job is one I love but then I console myself that for a housewife who does ‘ nothing ‘ I’m lucky I’ve so much to do !!!
    Many of my friends have time on their hands with not too much to fill them ….so thus ‘consoling’ myself , I set forth to enjoying the tasks ahead or rather doing them without grumbling .

  11. Loved every bit of this post Shailaja. Read through it twice just to soak it in. From your list making- yes i make a list, but I need to separate them like you do- the must do and the love to dos.

    And then the love that you carry for what you do. Its so visible in every bit of your presence online. Your rewards are the fact that someone somewhere is benefiting from what you do.

    Wishing you more such glories Shailaja

  12. I am very happy for you. If our works makes us feel happy and meaningful, then we are certainly on the right track. Going on your own has a number of pitfalls, ups and downs. Wish that you continue to face them and triumph. Good luck!

  13. Aren’t silent mornings a blessing? I’ve enjoyed being a morning person. Shy, I love reading your posts in the morning because these jumpstart my day. It did today. I followed exactly what you did and I am in love with the feeling. Slow and smooth morning is really refreshing. I loved the one minute meditation idea. I made notes. I did a to-do. Finished breakfast. Planning out lunch now, finished dishes without any hassle. Somehow day is smooth with just one positive thought(read) I did today.

    I’ve done this for a day and feel such deep satisfaction, I now understand how fantastic you would feel. Gratified and eternal bliss it would be. If it’s you I’m ready for the courses too. When you do challenges, I haven’t done 30 full days, but I see that my number of days of what you do has improved. So I love what you do, even though I am not completely with you on it.

    You are doing a wonderful job and you are a giant inspiration for all of us. Your insights are always helpful and everyone who goes through your feed, posts will agree with me. That’s how good you are. Benefit of doubt is good for you on a personal front, that brings about change and now that you are open to new ideals and ideas, I am sure you are making space for better things.

    Happy Week ahead Shy! 💗

  14. Reading your reflective writing post after so long! Loved every bit of it–the way you express and also how you have fallen in love with the work you do. Yes, realizing that someone somewhere is benefitting from what we share with them acts as the stimulant we need to keep working, and enjoying it, too! 🙂

  15. It’s a blessing to be able to do what you love and also to be able to sustain yourself through it. I am glad you’ve learnt to believe in yourself – that, to me, is the happiest place to be in. I love how much hard work and dedication you put into all of this while still making time to help others.

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