Luminous- #FiveSentenceFiction

It appeared without warning one fine summer’s night.

Shimmering and swaying in the distance, the light caught my eye as I lazed on the front porch, sipping on my lemonade, gazing up at the clear sky, dotted with specks of stars.

Closer and closer it came, until I could almost reach out and touch the shining glow with the palm of my hand.

Gently, it settled on the wooden lounge chair, just out of my arm’s reach.

And with a quick flutter, the firefly lifted its luminous wings, flitting out of my life, with the reassurance that it would be back again the next day, much like the Moon promised me every night.

Β©Shailaja V



Written for Five Sentence Fiction's Prompt: Luminous

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26 thoughts on “Luminous- #FiveSentenceFiction

  1. Beautiful!! I love fireflies a lot.. I believe fireflies are stars on earth.. Can’t get enough of them.. Haven’t seen one in a few years though!! πŸ™

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