Movement- #100words #DrabbleWeek

A crafty smile on his face, he tiptoed up behind her ready to pounce , when she calmly said, ‘If you jump on me, Brad, I will tell mom that it was you who let the cat into the pantry the other day, to drink up all the cream.’

His hands froze in mid-air. Dropping them glumly to his side, Don’t you get scared? he asked

‘Fear is for sissies’, said Stella, tossing her curls. ‘Now, scaring others? That’s an art,’ she whispered.

It was then that Brad noticed the paper plane beside her , which was actually levitating on its own. . .

©Shailaja V
Word count:100
This is written in response to the theme prompt
 ‘Suddenly it moved 
for Drabble Week over at 
Marathon Bloggers 
Today is Day 6
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