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I can’t believe I almost missed the bus with the Cherished BlogFest which Damyanti Biswas is hosting along with these other wonderful bloggers  Dan AntionPaul Ruddock, Peter Nena, and Sharukh Bamboat  on 24th, 25th and 26th of July, 2015. Think of it as a global, wonderful Blog Hop where we get to read inspiring and memorable stories from bloggers all over.

Life hasn’t exactly been smooth sailing of late on my front and it’s something that has kept me rather low-key for the last couple of weeks. Oh yes, don’t really trust all those sunny Facebook updates and my jocular tweets. Things could definitely look better. But, the worst seems to be over for now and I am trudging back to some normalcy.

As I scrolled through my memories over the last 30-odd years and my digital albums since 2006, I realised exactly how difficult it was going to be to pick just ONE object or item to call it as a cherished memory!

Do I speak about the time I got a watch from my Guru and guide- a moment that will forever be etched in stone? I have blogged about it before, albeit in brief.

Perhaps I should speak of the time when my eyes get wet with tears reading a birthday card from an uncle who is no more? But yes, done that one too.

Or how about the absolutely heart-stopping moment when I opened the front door one morning in 1994 and saw my dad whom I’d believed was 14,000 kms away in another country but who’d decided to surprise us all by landing up unannounced? That moment only resides in my memories, so no picture to show for that. I love the relationship I have with my dad even today, one that makes me thank every star I’ve ever wished upon.

And then I came upon this picture:

Gy at age 2

It’s a picture of my daughter, Gy, taken back in 2008, when we’d gone out to celebrate my mom’s 50th birthday.

Why do I cherish this picture?

It’s a reminder (among many others) that she can always make me smile with that innocent look of hers. On my darkest days and in my gloomiest moods, she will come and put her face close to mine and nuzzle my nose. In this absolutely candid shot, she is a reminder that no matter what happens or how terribly my day has gone or how horribly I have yelled at her, she will forgive me, smile and make the world all better.

That, to be honest, is my most cherished object- the love which cannot be quantified or explained or weighed against any material thing in this world. I pray I can always do that for her as well, with every breath of my being.


Thank you Damyanti, for hosting this Blog Fest and making us all reach into our memories and souvenirs. 

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38 thoughts on “My heart's treasure- #Cherished BlogFest

  1. there’s such an innocence on her face, and it brought a smile to me too!! I can completely understand why this is your favorite!

  2. This is such an adorable pic of Gy. Sweet, angelic child. <3 Loved to read about your cherished memory, Shailaja. 🙂

  3. I didn’t think of photographs as cherished memories, but how appropriate since they often capture special moments in time. I guess this is why so many people say they would grab photo albums if they had to abandon their home in a hurry.

    A wonderful memory of a special little girl.

    Wrote By Rote

    1. A while ago, we threw out so many photo albums in a major de-cluttering exercise, after scanning them into our Hard drive. We were patting ourselves on the back, until the drive crashed and took all our memories with it. Ever since, I have multiple online backups of my photographs. I think the advantage of photographs is that they remind you of the things you need to be thankful for, almost on an ongoing basis.

      Thank you for stopping by, Lee.

  4. Heartwarming — the picture and your love for her that spills for her. Can connect so much with that. Hugs and may she always continue to lighten your life.

    1. I think I do love her so much Rachna, that it kind of dominates everything else in my life. I am not sorry for that one bit. If it weren’t for her, I wouldn’t be where I am today- personally or professionally. It is thanks to the blog that I even got my job today and the blog was born because of her 🙂 Thank you so much for your warm wishes <3

  5. Most adorable! i struggled with choosing a cherished object and then decided to be rather objective about it. Hugs! You know where to find lots of love and a hug always!

  6. That precious face would light up anyone’s day– you’re a great mom, and your daughter would know how cherished she is, as she grows up. I think that’s the best gift we ca give our children.

    Thank you for supporting the Cherished Blogfest, and for sharing your emotions.

  7. Such a sweet and innocent look and what a lovely smile… oh, these can banish the clouds of gloom and sadness anytime. Stay blessed always, Shailaja ♥

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