Heard of a vision board?

It just sounds fancy but it really is just a visualisation of your intentions. Resolutions are so yesteryear, am I right? Now it’s all word-of-the-year and vision boards that hold sway.

I am a big fan of the word of the year concept. It really helped me the last 2 times I did it. This year, I figured I should give the vision board a go as well.


Well, for one thing (and if you haven’t tired of hearing me say it yet) I turn 40 in April. Yikes! Or rather, Yay! Depends on my mood on each day, my reaction to that idea. Also, this will count as my ‘3 months to 40’ post, since it ticks the boxes for being introspective and hopeful all at once.

For another, I loved the idea of visualising my intentions and goals (although that’s not a word I really use much these days). So I did the best thing possible and looked up Pinterest, my BFF (that’s Best Friend Forever for all you novices out there) and keyed in vision board. The sheer variety of images that popped up almost had me fainting. But, I am a strong woman so I carefully selected one post and read up what it meant and how to make a board for myself.

People usually do this on paper but I suck at craft, cutting paper, drawing and anything remotely related to art, so I played it safe and decided to go with Canva. Thank Goodness for its existence.

And presenting, my vision board for 2018! Ta-da!

Have you considered creating a vision board for the year ahead? They are inspiring when you think about your goals for a new year. Here is an example of my vision board and it may inspire you as well. #VisionBoard #Goals #Resolutions #Writing #Blogging #2018

Here’s a lovely tutorial if you want to make one for yourself!

As you can tell, these are all the things I look forward to fulfilling as part of my year-long vision. The best part about a board like this is that there are no rules. You can have any pictures, any quotes, any concepts that reflect your deepest desires and state of mind.

The top row is where I have put three key things I want to work on consciously: Health/fitness, my blogs and using my time well. I love the fact that the time image also has money in it, because time is money, you know? I’d like to grow my blog consciously without compromising on my voice or my values and I’m hoping that’s working.

The middle row is where I want to indulge my passions and hobbies and to me those are reading and writing regularly. I’ve already begun on the latter, where I write everyday on Medium as well as in my trusty bullet journal. I’m hoping the regularity of the habit will help kick me out of slumber land and get me cracking on my memoir and my YA novel in 2018.

I’ve set a very modest reading goal of 15 books since I want to choose the books very carefully this year. I’d like to immerse myself in each book, lose my way in them and come out feeling like a changed person. The last 3 books I read in 2017 did that to me.

The final row is also a reflection of where I want to be: Grounded. On the one hand I am enhancing my need for mindfulness in all my interactions. On the other hand, I want to let go of so many things: hurt, anger, disillusionment, disappointment- and welcome my 40’s with the raring energy of a woman 20 years younger!

To that end, I shall be tuning my writing, my blogging, my relationships and my connection with myself towards my word of the year: Kindness. And in doing so, I hope that the vision turns into a reality that I can welcome as it unfolds each day.


So, do you have a vision board? Do you like this concept? Let me know.


A Pink Vision Board with an office backdrop.

Featured and pinnable image: Shutterstock

45 thoughts on “Why I made a Vision Board for the year ahead

  1. I like this concept of vision board. I would like to make one and hang it up in my room, or put up as a screen saver in my laptop.
    The word of the year has been there for a while, but i have never taken part in it… May be because i am bad at evaluating the year gone by…
    I have small and big goals for the year. Reading with complete focus, and immersing in the world of books. That’s there too.

  2. Ah Vision boards! I used to make them religiously every year, but not digitally. I don’t even know when and why I stopped making them. I am guessing the board (s) did not survive the many moves. One I lost, and I know the other one broke into 2 during a move.

    Which is why, a virtual board sounds like a great idea. I might just make it my laptop/desktop background, so I see it every day.

  3. I love the fact everytime I visit both your spaces, I get new learnings. The concept of a vision board is new to me and it sounds interesting. I will have to give it a try now and there can be no excuse since you have also given a canva tutorial. With a major disruption due in my life in April, I guess my first and second rows will be dedicated to mindfulness and calm and the last row to fitness, reading and blogging.

    1. Aww thanks Anamika! I know, it’s such a lovely idea, at least for me πŸ™‚ Oh I hope the major disruption is a pleasant one for you! Wishing you all the best. Mindfulness and calm are great things to work towards.

  4. Yes, I love the concept and I found that every time I made a visual board it has actually helped me to stay focused and achieve my goals more quickly. I have not made one for the year yet but you have inspired to make one! And yours is beautiful!

  5. I went to something last year where we created vision boards cutting things out from magazines. I’m not hugely into it but it was a fun way to create and visualise what I’d like my life to be like. I still have it with me. I like your way of doing it too πŸ™‚

  6. I love the year concept as well and I am usually excited about January right from October. But now that it is already January I can’t wait for it to October. Sigh, that is not how it works right?

    Anyway, the visual board is definitely a new thing for me. Something new to be obsessed about for a while.

  7. I have a calendar for the next 2 months – big blocks with dates into which I’ve been entering what’s to be done and what was actually done. Helps reduce procrastination when it’s written down in black ink! πŸ˜€

  8. You know what I like best about you – that you’re constantly finding new things, getting excited about them, trying them, perfecting them. That’s such a fabulous thing. I’m currently in a sort of ‘uninspired’ space! So this helps.

  9. Oh, how I love this idea! You woman should start taking classes on life improvement. I know I’d pay to attend that. No, seriously!

    I’m gonna do this this year. Let me read through the tutorial now and get started.

    Thank you so much, again.

  10. Wowza you are always so up to date Shy. Would have never thought of a vision board. I’m definitely giving it a go. Thank you for introducing us to all things useful and unique. πŸ’•
    Age is just a number. And forty is seriously no big deal. I’m 45 and feel 25. So enjoy the ride. 😊

  11. That’s lovely!
    I made a vision board in my brand new diary..in the latter half of last year. This year, I decided to make one on a quarterly basis, as for me, that sounds doable and achievable, considering Life is so uncertain! πŸ˜›
    I made it in my diary again and it gives a good perspective of every area of my life and what it is that needs working!

  12. Now, I would never have thought of a vision board! You are such an inspiration, Shailaja. It indeed looka perfect and am sure you will achieve everything you have envisioned for yourself this year.
    I chose the word ‘Initiative’ as my woty this year and the first step towards it was getting my own domain. Looking forward to learning more from you this year, again.

    1. That’s wonderful, Varsha πŸ™‚ I am so glad to hear about the move to self hosted and HMB is the perfect place for you.

      I love your word of the year! It speaks of immense possibilities. Wishing you loads of love and success always.

  13. Damn! You are super organized and motivated, Shy. Good on you – really impressed and in many ways, inspired by it all.
    I’m sure you’ll do well.
    Thanks for the support, always.

  14. I used to create vision boards a few years ago. They’re really helpful with staying focused on your goals. Believe it or not, I’m not a huge fan of making collaged vision boards – maybe because I’m always struggling to find magazines to cut up! I moved to Pinterest last year – set up a secret board for my word of the year. That helped, a lot! I’m still creating my board for this year’s word. πŸ™‚

  15. I came across this concept of a vision board recently when doing tutorials on Pinterest. Many of them keep it as a secret board. I personally find writing down goals easier. I do it monthly, prefer not to share with the world at large and just look back every month and tweak them based on the results. I am happy that this helps you and motivates you. Good luck with your goals! Why oh who do you have to keep hammering that 40 thing though? πŸ˜‰

    1. Yes I know. That tutorial also mentioned that they keep it as secret boards. I have nothing to hide, really. So don’t mind sharing it πŸ™‚

      As for the 40 thing, didn’t realise I was hammering it. I’ll dial it down. Just happy in general with life, I guess. πŸ™‚

  16. What a fabulous idea, Shailaja. Thanks for introducing this to me. Am surely going to work on this for myself. All the best to you as you achieve all that you have intended for yourself. Cheers!

  17. Shailaja, great going with the vision board. Love the idea and may go for it after seeing the tutorial at Canva. As for turning 40, it is the new 20 πŸ™‚ I turned 54 last week and still feel 18 πŸ™‚ Best of luck for your Memoirs and novel. Best wishes.
    One query, do we have to get the template from Pinterest only?

    1. Thank you, Sulekha! Wow, I would never be able to tell you are 54! You are always so young at heart πŸ™‚

      Hey no. You can just use that as a generic guide, the link I have given. Canva has a lovely collage layout. So you can use that to make your own vision board. Follow the link to see a video πŸ™‚

  18. Such a coincidence; I’m in the process of making a mood board myself for the first time after years of drooling over the concept. I tried a virtual one but it didn’t work so I’m doing the whole printing it out shenanigan. SUCH a nice concept, no?

    You’re turning 40? OMG that’s brand new information that I’ve never heard before in all these last few months ever πŸ˜› xD

    1. OOH I want to see pictures! And FIRST on Whatsapp, not on Insta along with everyone else. I am special, no?

      And YESSSS! I am turning 40 πŸ˜‰ YES, I know I have been harping on it for 3 months and YES, I hope I get lots of generous gifts from people who love me. πŸ˜‰

  19. Damn you are so dedicated and sincere about your goals… Everytime I am here I have to pull up my sleeves and add some sense into what I want this year. I don’t even have a word πŸ˜… feels so directionless.
    I would be the first one to buy your YA novel… Given the way you write short stories, it sure would be an enjoyable read. I wish you good luck… Write it soon πŸ˜€

    1. You are not directionless πŸ˜› You are doing hand stands that will make the Statue of Liberty look weak!

      And aww, thank you for being the first to buy my YA novel ,even though it isn’t ready yet πŸ˜€ Thank you so so much, Raj!

  20. This is a nice idea Shy. I have listed my vision for 2018 in blog post along with the word of the year post. However, there are still so many details I want to add in the upcoming posts. A vision board makes sense to me to summarize my months of what I did all along. I was thinking about a collage for my monthly round-up posts and I can put my vision board to use then after all the doing.

    I have always loved how simple and straightforward your ideas are. That’s because of experience and a lot of research, I understand. All the best in turning 40 in 3 months. I know I can learn a lot more from your posts this year with KINDNESS being your word. It is energy renewed. 😊

    1. Thanks for reading, Jayanthy πŸ™‚ I think an idea of a vision board to summarise the months is a great idea!

      You’re always so sweet and supportive. Thank you!

  21. I love your vision board and how you have carefully put each image, each signifying something that you want to immerse in this year. Do I want to make a vision board? I would love to but maybe a few years down the line. For now, though, I have a few ideas in my mind, things I’d like to work for while navigating this thing called working mom.
    I’d say all the best to you, dear Shailaja and may your vision board remind you each day of all that you need to work on and may you succeed in them all πŸ™‚

  22. Thank you for introducing me to the concept of a Vision Board, Shailaja.
    I have a milestone birthday coming up this year too, and your post has inspired me to make one for 2018 as well.
    Let’s see how that goes.

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