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You will never amount to anything!

The words echoed in her brain, mocking her. Yet, she chose to ignore them. In slow-motion she saw the scenes play like a film reel before her eyes.

The moment that she first opened her eyes and looked at the universe around her was clear. She looked for kind, welcoming eyes to greet her entry into this world but there was nobody around. After a while, she recalled picking herself up painfully and attempting to walk. That, followed by the stumbling. Oh, the stumbling. How much of it could she endure?

As the days passed, she heard mocking laughter greet her, hoots and catcalls followed the glances of scorn and utter contempt. It was enough to make her wish for a speedy end.

But, one thing kept her going. She needed to know what she looked like.

Weeks later, she came upon the mirrored surface that showed her the truth. Now she knew why nobody loved her. Wading into the icy depths, she tried to drown herself- to forget the sight that she saw, to stop living, to free herself from caring.

However, it was futile. She could only float.

Today, as she glanced at the cowering, orphaned bear cub among the leaves, her heart went out to her. Opening her white, expansive wings, the graceful swan gathered the cub into her embrace and whispered, ‘Never, my dear. Never shall I let you face what I have had to endure. It is not in our appearance but in our behaviour that true beauty lies.’


A-Z Challenge 2015

My theme for the Challenge this year is

Alternate Angles

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29 thoughts on “Never- #AtoZChallenge @AprilA2Z

  1. That is so beautiful, Shailaja. Like they say, the first to help you up are the ones who know how it feels to fall down.

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