Night's tale- #yeahwrite #gargleblaster

Haughtily, he breezed in

Twisting, turning, circumambulating my prone form;

He stood there, with a devilish leer,

Brow creased in an unholy sneer,

Waiting for me to crack

But I valiantly resisted;

With a shrug, he left

Taking his nightmares with him.

Photo from: Wikimedia
Photo from: Wikimedia
©Shailaja V
Word count: 42

This week’s question:

What came in through the bedroom window?


45 thoughts on “Night's tale- #yeahwrite #gargleblaster

  1. I love the line, “circumambulating my prone form”. And like Rowan said, you surprised me with the direction you took this piece. I thought it was going to be about a different kind of darkness. Karen

  2. I like this..indeed. I am quite attracted to creepy stories. Remind me on fb about a message I have. Its different short 2 lines that can creep you out !


  3. eerie… thats pretty much the truth of all our fears though, isnt it? standing up to them till they back down…

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