No time for Love- #yeahwrite #gargleblaster

It is 11.44 p.m.

Rhythmically, his torso pulses. A grunt and a wheeze signal the end.

Laila’s luminous eyes hold unshed tears. They now stare over his shoulder at the digital display.

11.47 p.m.

Every night; without exception.

Modified Picture: Courtesy Pixabay
Modified Picture: Courtesy Pixabay
©Shailaja V

14 thoughts on “No time for Love- #yeahwrite #gargleblaster

  1. It’s sad when passion leaves a relationship. Your entry is a reminder that breaking routines and consciously appreciating loved ones is so important to marriages.

  2. How sad must she be feeling. devoid of tender love it more mechanical. Shailaja , hats off to you as you have handled this story in aesthetic way.

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