Nothingness #Micropoetry

It’s that feeling
Of complete blackness
When you find yourself
Down through the inky void.

Your hands splay out to touch
The sides of the shaft
Hoping to steady your body
Or at least sense
The braking impact of a stone wall.

But there’s nothing.

Not a sound
Not an odour
Not a whisper
Of a sight to be seen.

There’s the blackness
And just when you think
It’s about to end. . .

. . . there’s more of it.


*Going to be away from the blog for a bit, dear readers. As much as it rips my heart out to say it, there are things out there that need my attention and time. I’m not sure when l will be back, maybe a week or maybe a month from now. In the meanwhile, feel free to scroll back and read some older posts.

Until we meet again, this is The Moving Quill , who will rest for a while now.

17 thoughts on “Nothingness #Micropoetry

  1. It’s always life first. Wishing you the very best as you take care of things that need your attention. See you back at this space soon. Best wishes to you and all in the family ♥

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