In the hollow of my heart,
At the edge of the glass-adorned lake,
Blanketed by the unforgiving frost,
Stood I, in unspoken sorrow.

Tiny arms flailed,
Muffled screams were drowned.

I watched; I listened.
The silence echoed.

Deafeningly so.

The Universe paused.

55 thoughts on “On its Axis- #yeahwrite #gargleblaster

  1. Never replied to this. My apologies!

    I’d prefer to think she/he was unable to help. Frozen in time perhaps due to not physically being there. Perhaps a ghost or a snowman? That just opened up a whole new set of possibilities ☺

  2. Did you just ‘pause’ the universe? You really are a woman with super powers 😛
    Jokes aside, a very vivid and beautiful description.

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