Peace all around #FlashFiction

She didn’t hear him come up behind her, as her eyes took in the image on her screen.
‘What’s that?’
She jumped, turned her head to look at him and replied, ‘It’s this cozy place a few miles out of town. Rita told me about it.’

‘Looks peaceful.’
‘It does, doesn’t it?’ Sighing, her gaze traveled all over the details: the placid lake with the faintest of ripples, the gentle arch of the tree that seemed to shelter the lone bench beneath and the shimmering rays of the sun bouncing off the gleaming water.
Saying nothing more, he turned and walked into the den, leaving her to her wistful sighs.
Three days later, as she sat sorting the laundry into ‘His’ and ‘Her’ piles, he strolled in with a twinkle in his eye and said, ‘Let’s go.’
‘Go? Where?’
‘Just come along. You’ll see.’
So she did. She threw on a light shawl to cover her shoulders from the light nip in the air, eased her feet into those favourite red pumps and got into the car. The warmth of the vehicle encased her as she snuggled into the plush seats and gave herself over to the gentle hum of the engine.
Silence ensued between them as they drove through the urban streets, crossing streetlights, hot dog vendors, screaming kids at the playground and traffic signals that changed like clockwork.
Soon, the landscape changed from the city’s greys to the country’s verdant green. Sitting up, her eyes sparkled as she realised where they were headed. And soon, they arrived.
Stepping out, she stood on the carpet of grass, allowing her feet to sink into the softness of Nature’s embrace. Gingerly, so as to not disturb the moment, she ventured towards the bench- the bench from the image on her screen.
Settling her form on its curved form, she closed her eyes and savoured the moment.
It was exactly as she’d imagined it.

18 thoughts on “Peace all around #FlashFiction

  1. We all need places like these where our soul can find peace and freedom from some annoying thoughts! I love the way you make things so realistic in just few words! Amazing storytelling! 🙂

  2. I so want to escape to such a peaceful place. Unfortunately for city dweller’s like us, such escapes have to be delayed till an extended weekend or the school vacation. As I rode into the remotest corners of the neighbourhood state today, I saw acres and acres of farmland being ploughed, filled and being converted into lands where multistorey apartments are going to come up. I fear that peace and silence might get restricted to the dictionary one day.

  3. You have such a talent for making us feel part of the scene with your descriptions and good use of the senses. Loved this. I felt like I’d had a trip to that wonderful place myself. It felt so warm and inviting. Ahhhhhhh! What a lovely gift to give someone taking them to their favourite place like that!

  4. It’s sad that such places are being bulldozed to make space for malls and more high rise buildings, isn’t it? There is a certain peace and tranquility that only nature can provide.
    Ah! Oh, lovely tale by the way – enjoyed those descriptions.

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