Petrichor petals


When you see
Perfection in every petal
Purity drenched in petrichor
A certain softness that beckons
With its open warmth
There you know
Lies the hand of God.

-Shailaja V

*Inching back to blogging. Did you miss me ? 🙂

18 thoughts on “Petrichor petals

  1. Beautiful words, and imagine the energy locked inside in a flower bud. It may not be beautiful yet, but eventually it reveals it’s inner self.

    I’m only beginning to bloom 😉

  2. Perfection in every petal – The creation of God! Truly wonderful lines :).

  3. Well said! Someone made them like that, after all (though much is to be said about science’s love for symmetry). 😉

  4. Lovely lines. I would also add, ‘when you see the perfection of flowers on the roadside weeds, I see the hand of God.’ I think many times, for whom do you flower, who looks at you…

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