Raindrops on my head- Five Sentence Fiction

Thunder and lighting rent the sky as the villagers watched with hope gleaming in their parched eyes.

At the first sight of the beautiful raindrops, they rushed out of their homes, filling the air with their joyous voices and their mouths upturned to receive the first showers of the season.

Raina stepped out of the hovel that housed her small family, drawing the flimsy sari across her shaking shoulders, watching the rain come down in welcoming waves.

She had waited eagerly for the rains, so that they could wash away that feeling that she had held in the recesses of her heart.

Her tears mixed with the rain and stroked their way down her cheeks and into the curve of her bosom, just as his pawing hands had done last monthΒ while her parents slept in the other room, unaware that their guest was having his way with their child.

Photo: Flickr Creative Commons
 Written for Five Sentence Fiction's Prompt: Rain

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34 thoughts on “Raindrops on my head- Five Sentence Fiction

  1. Am sure the first spate of rain won’t be able to wash out her pain but at least it would rain some good feelings for the moment. Very nicely written in those few lines…

  2. A poignant mix of emotions here, Shailaja. Much is conveyed here in a few words. Hope the rain does wash away some of her pain, but the memory of that horrific experience may still haunt her…what kind of healing will be needed for that? Thoughtful post!

  3. Oh Shailaja… Felt myself sitting smiling sharing their joy for the rain… and then the shock, pain anger.. poor little girl… Greatly written dear:-)

  4. Wow! Shailaja…sad, hard reality… You have put the whole story of that girl in one sentence… very unexpected turn…you are an amazing writer.

  5. Contrasting emotions of joy and sorrow/anger, that too all in five lines! The end was heart wrenching and unexpected.

  6. Very nice take on the rain, it is manna from heaven for all of us.
    poor girl, feel so helpless.
    I like these small prompts. But how will you visit all 40 links on the prompt?
    How do you find the time?

  7. Well written Shailaja.
    You conveyed a lot in the last few sentences. The pleasure of drizzle and rain completely changed into pain and anger.
    Reality can be harsh.

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