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Shrilly, the telephone screeched, jolting him out of his deep slumber. His eyes shot open immediately and with a lunge, he reached for the receiver. His demeanour, when he spoke, though, did not betray any loss of composure.

Listening intently for a few seconds, he spoke just three words, ‘I’m coming over.’

A sultry night welcomed him, as he stepped out the front door. His face looked set, yet calm, in the face of what he had just heard. Swift, strong strides took him to the house two streets away. Once at the door, he raised his fist and rapped smartly on the worn wood and then let himself in, with a turn of the knob.

There she stood, shaking and shivering, in her lavender nightgown, eyes brimming over with tears, her hair disheveled by the sleep-ridden pillow. She had woken up, screaming and terrified of the demons that attacked her every night. Their grasping claws and fiendish faces magnified the fear that she felt in the depth of her being.

He reached her in two quick steps and engulfed her in a warm, bear hug. She rested her shaking body in his embrace and whimpered, as he stroked her hair gently.

I’m sorry I woke you out of bed, she cried guiltily.

He lifted her chin, gazed into her eyes and said, ‘You need never be sorry. You are not alone in this battle. What are friends for?’

With that, he comforted the distressed soul in his arms, as a tear gently rolled down his cheek, partly in gratitude and partly in sorrow.


Photo courtesy: Wikimedia Commons
Photo courtesy: Wikimedia Commons


Today, the world lost a huge chunk of laughter, with the demise of an amazing soul, Mr. Robin Williams.

As a tribute to him as well as an acknowledgement of his battle with depression,

I dedicate this post to him and everyone who has ever faced this demon.

Photo from: Brisbane Times

To you all, I say, you are not alone. Reach out. We promise to listen to you- without judgement, without reservation and with lots of love. 

12 thoughts on “Reach out- #Fiction #Tribute #RobinWilliams

  1. What a huge loss this has been. I’ve known depression from pretty close. In fact a loved one has been battling it for the past two years. No one can even begin to understand or imagine what it’s like. Not even I. And the weirdest thing is half the people don’t believe it’s real just because there’s no physical reason or evidence of it. Or they keep expecting her to ‘snap out of it’.

  2. Well said. We must recognize the sign and symptoms of mental illness and help our friends and family during their tough times.

  3. sigh! Such a tragic loss.. I’m glad she has support for not many people/friends understand depression..
    Depression is ugly.. it needs a lot more attention, lot more awareness.

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