Call me, she said.

I will, he said.

Fingertips touched in parting
Air kisses punctured the silence;
Their ways parted
Like the sea of yore.

Wait she did
By the phone
for it to ring
and suspend anticipation.

Meanwhile he toyed
with the idea of calling her,
and opened Candy Crush on the screen.

15 thoughts on “Reality bites #Poem

  1. What I think you are trying to say is that the candy in the electronic video game was sweeter then the girl. Yeah, that girl has some issues if he is going to pick a game over her. (Someone’s got to stand up for the guy, right? hehe)

  2. Damn that idiot!
    How I wish I could destroy each and every smart phone in this world and bring the humble landlines back in fashion. People then would begin communicating, verbally. No? ?

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