Rebel with a cause- #Yeahwrite Gargleblaster

It’s so much better on the road.

Kayla glanced down at his tousled mop of hair, his dirt-streaked cheek, patted his clean one and replied,

It’s too dangerous, my love.

His mutinous brows frowned as he stood in his go-kart, arms akimbo.

Photo courtesy: La petite Brique
©Shailaja V
Word count: 42
This week’s question: Why don’t we do it in the road?

51 thoughts on “Rebel with a cause- #Yeahwrite Gargleblaster

  1. I can always tell how carefully and lovingly you picked your words, Shailaja. Akimbo, mutinous, dirt-streaked and my favorite in this piece: go-kart. It was so surprising to read that amongst your rich vocabulary and it instantly nailed down a setting in my head. Wonderful!

  2. I like the picture you painted here. I especially like “akimbo” – what a fun word it is. Fun to write, fun to read, fun to say. Nice job here!

          1. Oh! I might be interested from time to time. I have a pretty set schedule for my blog, but if any of your prompts fit into it I’d be happy to join in.

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