Reblog: Wishlist for 2015: A Mother's Hope

Recall my 2015 Resolutions post? Well, here’s something I wrote for my daughter today:

The last few days of December are here and I am bundling up a year’s worth of memories, regrets, new wisdom, some learning, lots of love, fresh friendships, rekindled relationships and looking into what 2015 may be holding in the openness of its embrace.

As I write this post, sitting at my workstation, surrounded by the images of things that are familiar- my daughter’s clothes, her wardrobe, a favourite cartoon character on the wall, magnetic letters stuck on an almirah, a bookmark that she made this year- I am trying to envision what I truly, sincerely pray for as the New year pokes its head around the corner.

Read the rest here.

Shailaja V 

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