“You must be the light. There is no other way. One more time.”

Gritting my teeth, I stand, hands cupped, channeling the flame.

The candle drips hot wax on my palm.

Nobody said initiation to be a witch was easy.

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26 thoughts on “Rite of passage

  1. I knew it! If you don’t get an approval I don’t know who will 😛

    One hell of a righteous witch you’ll make. Why do I have an image of you wearing McGonagall’s hat in my mind? 😀

    Loved the story telling. You ace such things, you witchy you!
    Soumya recently penned this post Dreams On IceMy Profile

  2. Loved it! 🙂 Of all the scenarios I imagined, becoming a witch wasn’t one. I have already told you that your microfiction is the best. Why don’t you write these more often?

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