“You must be the light. There is no other way. One more time.”

Gritting my teeth, I stand, hands cupped, channeling the flame.

The candle drips hot wax on my palm.

Nobody said initiation to be a witch was easy.

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26 thoughts on “Rite of passage

  1. I knew it! If you don’t get an approval I don’t know who will 😛

    One hell of a righteous witch you’ll make. Why do I have an image of you wearing McGonagall’s hat in my mind? 😀

    Loved the story telling. You ace such things, you witchy you!

  2. Loved it! 🙂 Of all the scenarios I imagined, becoming a witch wasn’t one. I have already told you that your microfiction is the best. Why don’t you write these more often?

  3. Oh God! Initiation ceremony for Witches!

    On second thoughts, it does seem exciting and adventurous being a witch! The wax would burn my hands, though.

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