How often do you say hello?

I mean, online. In the blogging space. If you are a fellow blogger, you know what I am talking about: comments, people! If you are a reader who always reads silently, this is the time to come on out and say ‘Hi’.

It can be a shy ‘hello’ or a rollicking ‘HI’ with a lot of back-slapping. Virtually, I mean. Please don’t slap me in person. I have a sensitive spine. Or should that be shoulder blades?

Anyway, coming back to the point, this here is International Blog delurking week, 2018, hosted this time by Parul at her blog.Ā 

Say Hello: Connect with Bloggers!

As stalker-like as that sounds, all that it means is you have to stop lurking and come out and comment on my blog post.

Do away with the ‘like’ button. Take a moment to write a few words saying ‘Howdy, nice blog you’ve got there with all the words coming together nicely.’

Actually, don’t use nice twice in the same sentence. It’s not nice. Two consecutive sentences? Bit better, but still not good. Point being, say hello and see what you hear back.

If you’re here for the first time, I’ll start off.

Hi there! I am Shailaja, a flash fiction writer, personal essayist, parenting blogger, social media and blogging junkie and lover of all things tea. (That MAY have sounded a bit like a Linkedin bio.) I love to write, read, blog, learn things, re-learn things, be nice to people (mostly) and get excited when things go well: like the days when my blog doesn’t hang or die or go into a state of limbo.

If you’re not a first-timer here but a lurker, I say, come on and tell me which of my posts you adore:

(A) On writing and blogging tips

(B) Flash Fiction

(C) On mindfulness/ self improvement

(D) My personal essays

(E) All of the above (Hint: THIS is the right answer)

And if you are a regular reader AND commenter (should be commentator, no?), I love you and send you heartfelt wishes and blessings for a lovely 2018.


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17 thoughts on “Say Hello? International Blog Delurking Week, 2018

  1. Hello Shailaja šŸ™‚

    I like your posts on blogging tips but your posts on mindfullness are hands down the best. I thoroughly enjoy reading them šŸ™‚

    Keep writing more! šŸ™‚

  2. All of the above. Yes, that’s the right answer šŸ™‚

    Shailaja, I have known your blog before I met you. So you know how much I enjoy reading you and I never lurk. You manage so many things with perfection and that to me is inspiring. Your posts on blogging and technical aspects shows your curiosity to learn and help others in the journey.

    Thank you for linking!

  3. Hello Shailaja šŸ™‚

    I followed you after reading one of your blog post about Tips for writing Flash fiction (I believe I got to this blog from Vishal). After that, I enjoyed your post “Create more than you consume”, I even remember commenting on that post. But apart from that, I have been a lurker mostly lol.

    So taking this time to say a hello, since you asked šŸ™‚

  4. What a novel idea and I shall go and link to put up a post too; this is awesome way to hear back from readers and know how your content has been doing.
    Well I confess to not being regular to your blog but I do try and read your personal essays and blogging tips- both are loved by me for the clarity of thought, the spirit to share and the way you respond to queries on DM to understand the tip better.
    Thank you for being such a prolific blogger who has been selflessly sharing her learnings with others (like me who are tech retards) without any thoughts of return!!

  5. This is something I too definitely need to write upon. I’ve gotten used to the fact where only bloggers comment on my blog nowadays even though others randomly let me know via other conversations they’ve read this post or that one…

  6. Shailaja, if you were to auction your laptop, I’d be the one to bid the highest buck for it. I’d really cherish the keyboard that’s been so part of your genius in writing & making thousands of us not just fall in love with it, but feel equally inspired by everything you talk about.

    And every time I comment, they keep getting longer & longer, no matter how much I try to keep them short.

    I guess, I’m kind of succeeding here this time. I just let my feelings to do the commenting. I don’t even think you’d have to measure my admiration in my comments.

    Thank you so much & cheers!

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