Seduction #Microfiction #Gargleblaster

lips-839236_640Perfect rosebud lips and black irises almost made him forget himself.


Snapping back to reality, he replied, “Nowhere else. There’s just one.”

Polished fingertips grazed his arm. “And it’s mine?”

“My limited edition Star Wars lightsaber? Sure, take my kidney too.”

Third place in the votes! Thank you Yeah write!

31 thoughts on “Seduction #Microfiction #Gargleblaster

  1. I love how this works without knowing the question. You really thought through the structure of this, Shailaja. Nice work. I was a little thrown at “polished fingertips.” Do people polish their fingertips? I’m asking; I don’t know.

  2. I loved this! I gave my husband a limited edition replica of Elendil from the Lord of the Rings movie, and it is his prize. He won’t even let other people touch it!

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