Solace -#Poem

Photo credit: Shailaja V
Photo credit: Shailaja V

I stand

on the stillness

that connects sky, earth and water;

Beauty and awe overcome my senses

as the elements dance in seamless grace.

They make no waves

The air doesn’t flutter

The earth doesn’t heave in anticipation of the change.

But change it does

From dawn to dusk

From high tide to low

From light to night.

And as I pause to drink it in

This frame, frozen in Time’s eternal grasp,

I wonder, when will I get this balance?

That sense of absolute calm

when I am not changed by the tossing waves of cruelty

Or the unkind winds of harsh words

And the seething passion of fiery disappointment.

Opening my heart, I know

That I must learn from Nature

How to stride on this path of balance

Where one helps the other

Without expecting anything in return.

~Shailaja V

18 thoughts on “Solace -#Poem

  1. It’s a subconscious quest that all of us mortals are on- finding a balance in life. And who better to teach us than Nature!

    I’m pretty sure this poem is a result of your awesome and breathtakingly beautifully scenic vacation. The pic proves it! 😀

  2. And so beautiful thoughts.
    And when will I get this balance? And I too Shailaja ask the same. Will the question be answered? We have to look inside us foe the answer.

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