Social media makes me wonder

If I am made for this interesting world;


I’m not a hardcore feminist

Or an armchair activist

Or even an out-and-out champion of anything bold;


In my pursuits I am simple,

In my discourse I am free,

I hold no reservations

About letting people see the soft side of me;


In online debate I find myself weak

Unable to hold forth for much time

On the vagaries of political sides

Or the strappings of religion

And the uncertainty of social tides.


My friends are my support

They know me for who IΒ can be

Not one to shy away from happiness,

With me they can be at complete liberty;


So I may not be for you

If hardcore stances move your soul;

Moderation has always helped me along

Be it in the written or the spoken word.


And so I wonder if it is time indeed

To cut my ties with the world online;


For wouldn’t it be simpler

so infinitely, gloriously, beautifully true

If I could live my life

Without the opinions of the faceless many?


~Β Β© Shailaja V, 2015

15 thoughts on “Solitary- #Poem

  1. This poem is so subtle and yet talks so much about you. It’s great to know more about you Shailaja.. You seem to be one terrific woman.. πŸ™‚


  2. I understand and can completely relate. Moderation has always served me well too.

    However, don’t let these faceless many bother you. They don’t matter. The only ones who matter are the ones who genuinely care about you.

    Oh and yes, some other people should matter too. Like the stalkers (like me πŸ˜› ) you will acquire once you quit the online world.

  3. I guess being connected with the world is essential these days…you might want to get rid of the unpleasant ones and see the happiness and relief it brings.

    This blog is a part of such happiness and i am sure you are enjoying it.

  4. Maybe the faceless many just don’t matter Shailaja. Maybe the few who love you for what you are, are the ones who do. As for cutting your ties – even if you do the real friends will stay. I’ll stalk you for one, be prepared.

  5. I must say, I was addicted. Every 5 mins I checked my Whatsapp, the FB, twitter and what not. My husband had to tell me to take a break and though I was angry at him, I now realize how peaceful I feel. Too much of anything could destroy you!

  6. The online space has become a bit too harsh and aggressive for my taste too. That people can be so vicious and rude, shocks and amazes me at the same time. Staying away from such negativity is what works for me! Take care and hugs!

  7. It is a individual ‘s choice .So …. it up to you to decide the POA . By cutting off from social media is of no use as these media can be put to a better use if necessary and I respect your feeling Shailaja πŸ™‚

  8. I could so relate to your thoughts. Have been thinking on similar lines off late. The last line hits home!! But it makes me wonder… in real life too we are judged and commented upon by strangers and people who don’t know us.

  9. A sensitive soul like you could be easily disturbed by all the noise around you, especially if by temperament you are not one to take strong positions on issues either way. Better to stay away from the noise in that case. Personally, on an intellectual level I think that even if we don’t take a position we end up making a choice anyway πŸ™‚ But on an emotional level I understand the need to cut some ties if they are impacting you so much. Be well.

  10. I have similar thoughts, Shailaja. But it isn’t just social media, everywhere I look, I see one or the other thing which drives me crazy for no reason of mine. I don’t know what I will end up doing, but souls like you sure is a boost for me. Hugs dear! πŸ™‚

  11. I understand your point, but it’s your space – so feel free to delete and unfriend as required to keep it to just people who you want to keep ‘online’ relations with.
    I appreciate your concern of wanting to cut the ties and going offline, but doing so because others are irresponsible with their statuses or their responses is perhaps not the way.
    Anyway, I reckon this requires an ‘offline’ conversation

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