Something Breaks- #Flash #Fiction

In the depth of silence
I can hear a pin390px-Black_Ribbon.svg

The air between us is tense
Stretched taut like a violin’s string
Fine tuned to perfection
But hiding the pain of the tightened note

My heart splutters, gasps, tries again and stops

Wishing that the clocks would turn back
To that moment before this one

Before I knew of the infidelity
Before the carelessly tossed scorn
Which shattered a million hopes

He looks once at me
No sign of remorse in his crystal blue eyes
His strong embrace has carried her away
Far away from my love and protection

Surging and churning
The Blue Ocean watches me
As I grieve the loss of my one companion
Dragged into the depths of the blue

What lingers is the memory of her bark
And the feel of her freshly-washed fur. . .

©Shailaja V

Based on the prompt: Something Breaks from Flash Fiction: 365 prompts

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20 thoughts on “Something Breaks- #Flash #Fiction

  1. loving it… I love any good story that aims to mislead 🙂 I always find its more fun with shorter fiction… lesser pieces of the puzzle and so more opportunities too lead the reader down the wrong road. What do you think? 🙂

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