Soulful Sundays- Gratitude for it all

It’s the second Sunday of 2016 but the first edition of Soulful Sundays for the year. Yes, I missed last week, but that’s fine. Do you know why?

Soulful SundaysIt was actually a pretty busy weekend last time so I didn’t get time to pen a post. I did feel a bit guilty about it then figured that it was actually a bit ironic since Soulful Sunday is all about disconnecting from the world and getting back in touch with oneself.

So, here I am bright and ready to share the lessons from the week gone by.  Here are 5 things I saw/did which made me happy:

  1. I started working with a beautiful planner gifted by a dear friend. The colours alone make it so appealing and  I look forward to opening it and writing in it every single day. Wouldn’t you?   planner
  2. My daughter got back to school after the Christmas break and it was interesting to note that she’s changed, become more responsible and a tad more attentive. More on that in another post.
  3. I decided to stop sharing photographs of my child on social media. As tempting as it can be to capture those smiling moments and those impish grins, I am no longer comfortable letting strangers see my child. She needs her privacy.
  4. Work has never been more fulfilling. My team had a lunch meeting in the middle of the week and it was incredible to see the camaraderie and comfort we share with one another although we work remotely for a large part of the month.
  5. My daughter took up quilling, all by herself and it was amazing to see the speed with which she made quilled items on the first day! I was amazed at the power of the mind and how much it’s capable of, if we allow creativity to blossom.Quilling, quilled flower

Did you have a soulful Sunday?

Do you make gratitude a habit?

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18 thoughts on “Soulful Sundays- Gratitude for it all

  1. Sounds like a perfect week passed you by! Your planner looks inviting and the quilling is so cute! Great decision to stop sharing personal photos on social media. And nothing more heartening and uplifting than meeting like-minded friends!

  2. Good to read about your week, Shailaja! And, it does feel good when the kids are doing well, isn’t it? That is actually the best part of each day! As far as Gy’s pics are concerned, I think you should get them all printed, or developed. Of course, you must have thought about it! 🙂 Give her my love!
    And, this journal is a good idea…but, I guess I am a bit too lazy to maintain one, at least as of now. 🙂

  3. And here I am trying my best to find a cute little planner for myself 🙁
    Loved the quilling. I tried about an year ago and understood that it needs a lot of patience and concentration. Kudos to your darling girl. Looking forward to the post on Point#2.

  4. yeahhh… she is into quilling 😀 I love this hobby and hope to see more of her works 😀
    It’s a good decision to not to share pics of your child… I totally support that. 🙂 wish you a happy and fulfilling year 🙂

  5. Oh, thats a lovely read, makes me happy to read about the good things in your life. To think about what we are grateful for is so important:-) All the best dear Shailaja

  6. I loved the idea of ‘Soulful Sundays’.
    I have recently started practicing gratitude more than ever before and it amazes to note, how accomplished life begins to feel being grateful for all we have 🙂
    Loved your vibrant year planner & the beautiful artwork by your daughter strengthened my resolve to start quilling this year 😀
    May you have a relaxed Sunday and a productive week ahead.

  7. Each of these points which you are thankful for are heartening, Shailaja. It’s a good move to not share photos of her on the internet. And doesn’t it feel great to have a planner? The sheer excitement of writing in one which was gifted makes the activity even more pleasurable, right?

  8. I have started journaling too but in Evernote, for my eyes only. 🙂 Oh yes, gratitude! I am practicing it more and more now. It is healing and joyful. Good to read about your week. Have a great one!

    1. My husband does that- journals in Evernote 🙂 I am always writing 😉 My blogs are my journals, for the most part. The planner is for me to keep my physical life on track 🙂

  9. Enjoy your journaling. I am planning to start an art journal and I’m really excited about that. Quilling is great fun. Looks like a creative year for you and your daughter. This post made me happy as Creative is my word for 2016.

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