It was with a bit of apprehension that I saw the line up of activities at the first-ever #Flipkartoutdoors blogger meet organised by Indiblogger. The whole idea of being a blogger is so you can sit at home, behind a laptop most of the time and pen your thoughts.

But this was a blogger meet! I mean, the networking, the meeting familiar folks, befriending new ones, putting faces to the names we love and follow online- these were all too tempting to pass up!

So I signed up and boy, am I glad I did! What began as a bus ride to the venue, Mango Mist, quickly morphed into a bundle of team activities, laughs, spills, food and fun.

We were privy to a demo by various products in association with Flipkart, all of which had been designed keeping an outdoors lifestyle in mind.

Starting with the Altec Lansing Speakers and headphones, hands down my favourite item  was the waterproof, rugged bluetooth speaker. Watching the water bounce off the speakers was the highlight of my day, among other things.

Other items on the agenda included the Sony Action Cam, a Polaroid cam, watches by Garmin and smart gear watches by Samsung plus footwear from Red Chief and camping equipment, because it’s an outdoor event!

Once we were divided into teams, we had to head off to execute as many tasks as we could on the list given to us. You can see team 1 poring over the list, possibly wondering which would be the easiest thing to attempt.


Pic courtesy: Sid Balachandran
Pic courtesy: Sid Balachandran

Oh but the best was yet to come. Seeing as how I’d managed a rope walk at another resort, I decided I’d give the bamboo log walk a go. How hard could it be? Turns out very!

I managed to get onto the log easily. Staying on was the problem. Yes, you can guess what happened. I slipped but fortunately the harness held and I dangled in mid-air for a few minutes before climbing back on to the logs to complete the walk!

In fact, Shrinidhi Hande, a prolific blogger and the intrepid team leader caught it all on camera, the Sony camera to be precise. Here’s the video of my daredevil act- clambering back on and continuing the log walk. Whew! Come to think of it, that should be the highlight of the day, not the speakers.

After the fall though, I did lose a bit of steam to try anything too challenging. So I stuck to archery and shooting bottles off a ledge. Thank you to Sid Balachandran who captured so many pictures of us all at the meet and sharing it with us as well.

The two really good things about the meet was that it was outdoors and it was an all-day event. This gave us plenty of time to catch up with one another. You can see the smiles on our faces; they tell the whole story!

All I can say is, thank you to Flipkart and Indiblogger for making this one of the most memorable and fun events I have ever had the chance to attend. I’ve done things that I wouldn’t have tried before, made friends through blogging and enriched my life with the lessons I’ve learnt from it all.

Blogging has changed me in ways that I’d never dreamed possible.

26 thoughts on “Step out of the comfort zone #FlipkartOutdoors Indimeet

  1. Lovely pictures, amazing video, and an uplifting blog. Thank you, Shailaja. This is a subtle reminder for myself to step out, and revel in outdoors. 🙂

  2. I was shaking inside after that fall but glad I managed to finish it, Vidya 🙂 Your post is simply fabulous! Must get around to leaving a comment soon. This week is hectic! Whew.

  3. I missed you and Rachna, Naba so very much! Vidya has done a fabulous job of it, to be honest 🙂 Mine is very tame in comparison 🙂

  4. You are one hell of a woman, Shailaja…I missed out on what seems to have been a great meet..Thanks for taking me there..I just read Vidya’s post on the same and both tell me that it was one you all enjoyed a lot in

  5. Well, you guys really and truly had a ball! Trying out new activities, uber-cool gadgets in the company of dear friends and a fantastic venue, is awesome indeed!

  6. Sounds like a lovely outing. Saw the pics on FB and was intrigued to know more. Looks like I do miss a lot by not being a regular 🙁

  7. I have been seeing the pics all around and I so envy you all guys! You all sure had a rocking time and some of the gadgets they showed are really cool. I am eyeing Samsung Galaxy S2 watch and waterproof speakers!

  8. It was a fabulous time 🙂 I really wanted to blog about this primarly because it was so much fun 🙂 Thank you so much for such incredible photos! I was re-living all the moments again today and got hardly any work done as a consequence 😉

  9. At least someone put those photos I took to good use. It was a fun event, wasn’t it? As always, it was good to meet you, Shy

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