Sticks and Stones- #MicroFiction #Gargleblaster

Ryan winced as he tweezed a tiny shard of glass out of his cheek.

“That woman packs a wallop!”

“But, what did you say?” asked an exasperated Nolan.

“Just that the dress made her look like an elephant.

Well, it was grey!”

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34 thoughts on “Sticks and Stones- #MicroFiction #Gargleblaster

  1. some point we all learn to keep our opinions to ourselves. This seems to be that point for Ryan. But then again, some people never learn. 😀

  2. hahahahahahaha, I needed the laughs. Very well written. ‘Elephant’ is never a good term to use around a woman unless you’re actually describing an elephant!

  3. Was it the glass house that exploded when he made his cutting remark? Is he also elephantine and so being a pot, called the kettle black? There’s so much more I want to know.

  4. Some people just don’t think before opening their mouths! You managed to paint a picture of what we all really want to do when faced with this kind of person. Great job!

      1. I’d like to think that some day I will have *uhem* lady parts big enough to do just this to a deserving jerk. …but I’ll probably always remain to be the bigger person. 😉

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