Stranger than fiction #BarAThon #FlashFiction

Winds howled at frightening decibel pitch outside her window as Payal sat sipping her tea. Placing one hand gingerly on the glass pane she watched the rains beat down upon the garden and wondered what would happen to her flowers. The sheer wrath of the storm troubled her.

Rainy window

What had man done to the earth?

A door slammed and her face brightened. Neel was home. She ran to hug him and stopped in shock. There he stood, not a drop of water on his person. Slowly she turned to look at the window as the storm continued to rage. Turning back, she saw Neel.

Babe, what. . . how? The storm?

Neel looked confused. “Storm? It’s perfectly sunny outside. What are you talking about?”

Payal’s cup fell from her shaking fingers as the wind shrieked angrily in the background.


Welcome to the Bar-A-Thon, the blogging challenge over at Blog-A-Rhythm. I’m bloggingΒ every day this week and will be writing short pieces of fiction on each of the daily prompts.

I’ve also taken up the theme of the 7 deadly sins and will touch upon one each day.


Today’s prompt: Stranger than fiction

Today’s theme: Wrath

32 thoughts on “Stranger than fiction #BarAThon #FlashFiction

  1. Ahhh! Noone can beat you in this Shailaja! You took me on a pleasant to scary ride!

    I am interpreting the storm she is seeing as her troubled mind. Something is raging inside her, I guess.

    Brilliantly done.

  2. A lil late in posting my comment. But I did share it already to express what a fabulous write up this is πŸ™‚ (and how evil to leave the readers right in the middle :P) Loved it Shailaja!

  3. Oh this should be fun… 7 themes of the Barathon alongside the seven deadly sins. That sounds so awesome… and this is a lovely start. Short and evil πŸ™‚

    P.S. The villain in gluttony or sloth better not be named Roshan :\

  4. Spooky! Was he dead? And those thoughts about what man has done to the Earth, they really trouble me as well. We seem to be inviting the wrath of nature. πŸ™

    1. Ah ha. You’re not too far off the mark but wondering if I should reveal it now or later this week. Hmm, decisions, decisions πŸ˜‰

      Yes, the rains last week actually triggered this post πŸ™

  5. You know you rock at Micro Fiction! What I think is that she is hallucinating about Neel. I mean so many possibilities with this right? And that is the fun of writing open ended pieces. I might do some micro fiction during the week. But you my dear are the queen of Micro fiction.

    1. *Blush* Thank you so much, Jai. I have been rusty and thought this would be perfect to bring the spark back to the blog. Looking forward to reading your micro fiction too.

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