Lonely traveler- #Flashfiction

Lonely traveler- #Flashfiction

Must I anchor myself to this pier and tie myself down to the dead-weight that is the shore? he asked.

“I’m afraid I don’t really understand what you mean”, replied Sunaina, her lower lip quivering, tears clinging to her eyelids.

Never were one for metaphor, were you , eh, pretty face, he replied, sarcasm and bitterness dripping from his drug-fevered visage.

Fury superseded self-pity and Sunaina thrust her arms against his chest with all her might, flipping his frail frame into the murky water.

She watched his form flail in the water futilely, the oars widening the distance between them resolutely.


  ©Shailaja V

Word count: 100

Written for Friday Fictioneers photo prompt


For Five Sentence Fiction’s Prompt: Abandon


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Really Close- #AmWriting

“If you’ve got a minute, I need your feedback, darling.”

“Sure, Jim, tell me more,” she said, her eyes sparkling.

“This is just something I call ‘Close to My Heart’.”

With you by my side, my every task becomes easy.

As you toil away tirelessly, my love for you grows

Watching you furtively, taking every second breath, I sigh gladly.

Can I be so bold as to assume you care?

Without you, I must say, my world would be bare.

Dora’s eyes glistened, as she said, ‘That was beautiful, Jim.’

“It’s what the heart says to the lungs”, beamed Jim.

My Heart Beat
Photo Courtesy: bhmpics.com

©Shailaja V

Word count: 100 (10 words in 10 sentences)

Written for Ten on Ten Tuesdays hosted by Cynthia and Deepika

This week’s prompt: Close to my heart


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Lone Window- Light and Shade Challenge

Richard drew a long puff on his cigar and pointed out into the garden.

Why not get rid of it, Emma?

Glancing back at Sybil in her rocking chair, Emma wiped her hands on the apron and said, You know how some things have sentimental value? They remind you of a special memory, a stolen kiss, a warm embrace, a colourful rainbow or a dog’s bark?

Richard shrugged, Yeah?

Sybil doesn’t recall much. But, I have seen her gaze at that window with a glimmer of knowing on some days. Those days are the best.

Emma’s voice faltered, She remembers.

Photo courtesy: Lyssa Medana
Photo courtesy: Lyssa Medana

©Shailaja V

Word count: 100


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