A Promise #BarAThon #FlashFiction

5 a.m. Beep!Beep!Beep!

5.15 a.m. Sit up in bed. Painfully prise open eyelids to see the darkness

5.21 a.m. Still sitting in the same spot.

5.25 a.m. Groan loudly. Why should I be the only one awake?

5.31 a.m. Drag one leg off the bed and then fall back on pillows. Oh, they’re so soft!

Spend next 15 minutes staring into inky blackness and tell self that exercise is for wimps and losers. Wait to hear any other sounds of stirring in the house and stay in the warmth of the comforting cushions.

5.55 a.m. Wake up to foot prodding me in the ribs and her voice saying, ‘Will you get up, you lazy bag of bones? Let’s get you out there in the fresh air! It’s good for you! Come on! Rise and shine. The sun is out!’

5.56 a.m. Growl in anger at mistress and tell self, ‘Next life, I promise you that I’ll be the human and you’re going to be the dog!


Welcome to the Bar-A-Thon, the blogging challenge over at Blog-A-Rhythm. Today is the last day of the marathon and I thank you for reading me all through this week.

I’ve also taken up the theme of the 7 deadly sins and have touched upon one each day.


Today’s prompt: Promise

Today’s theme: Sloth

Tiny shoes #BarAThon #FlashFiction

The sunlight glinted as it bounced off the jewels on the shoes on the carpet. She examined them with one eye closed, tapping her cane on the rug, deep in thought.

Nodding, she raised her voice and called out, ‘Lihua, come child.’

Timidly, almost fading into the opulence of the room she entered, Lihua entered tentatively and looked at her mother. Continue reading “Tiny shoes #BarAThon #FlashFiction”