How to Overcome Blogging Guilt

How to Overcome Blogging Guilt

Blogging  guilt hits all of us at various times through our online lives. This is not only normal but can occur with frequency depending on the kind of blogger you are.

Today, we’ll talk about the main aspects of blogging guilt and how you can overcome them without compromising on your peace of mind.

Most of the components I speak of here are relevant to personal and niche bloggers, but you may find one or two things to help you whether you’re a first-time or veteran blogger.

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9 ways to improve reader engagement on your blog

9 ways to improve reader engagement on your blog

Do you speak to your readers? Do you listen to what they want? Do you believe that reader engagement matters for you as a blogger?

Blogging is something I love with a passion. It’s one thing I consciously make time for, or at least try to, every week. With three blogs to manage, things can get a little out of hand at times so I try to keep my expectations realistic and my goals simple.

Engagement tips_Bloggers

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Blogger or Writer: What say you?

My favourite writing site on the web, Yeah Write, has this fascinating tagline on their Facebook page: ‘For writers who blog and bloggers who write.’

This got me thinking (I mean, I’m always thinking, because well I am human, but I digress), about which category most of us would fall under.

Here’s my analysis; feel free to add your comments and thoughts too.

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