5 things to do on your blogging break

5 things to do on your blogging break

We all need a break, especially if we’re working in the digital space. Sometimes, blogging can become a bit overwhelming, what with the need to comment, follow up, reply and create fresh content. But, what if you took a blogging break? It’s not so bad. I’ve done it many times in the last 10 years.  Continue reading “5 things to do on your blogging break”

A break from blogging in November

A break from blogging in November

It’s kind of weird that I wrote a nearly identical post in October last year. Maybe it’s Providence.

The reasons are not the same though, so that’s something.

You , my regular readers, know how much I love blogging. Hey, I push people to blog every day, don’t you know?  Yes, I even wrote a post on how to survive a blogging marathon. Continue reading “A break from blogging in November”

Taking a break from blogging

So, it had to happen. I have gone and caused excruciating pain to develop in my neck and shoulder muscles, thanks to prolonged and incorrect laptop usage. As a result, I am now forced to take a temporary break from blogging.


quill break

This kills me, because I have grown to look at blogging as almost akin to breathing. My day feels incomplete if I do not write a post  a day. 🙁

To think that I won’t be writing for the rest of October is too difficult to accept, so I’ll keep this short.

Thank you to everyone who visits and comments on my posts. Whether you’re a frequent flyer here or someone in transit, I appreciate your presence. A blogger/ writer is made by her readers and gratitude overwhelms me when I think of how this blog has grown in the last 5 months. On a happier note, I DID manage 71 days of blogging daily, so that’s something 🙂

I will try and be back in November. There is a crazy idea brewing in my brain: It is telling me I should attempt NaNoWriMo, but I am not sure if I am up for it yet.

In the meantime, please feel free to read my other posts on the blog, right from 42 word and 100 word fiction pieces, five sentence fiction bits to my tips and advice for writers. See you around, folks. Happy Blogging and Happy Living to you all!