Jumping over hurdles: How to do it

Jumping over hurdles: How to do it

I don’t run.

People know this about me only too well. Marathons frighten me, jogging makes me reach for the guardrail within 20 seconds and even brisk walking beyond 30 minutes makes  my heart  believe it will stop pumping blood on any given day. So, obviously, jumping over hurdles doesn’t figure anywhere on this list.

Dramatics aside, I mean to say I’ve never jumped over an actual, physical hurdle.

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Why we must embrace change

Almost two weeks since I wrote a post here and I realised that with a start this morning.  How did I let that happen? I love blogging!

But yes, I’ve been busy. No, I don’t mean that in the generic, off-hand way we usually say it. I really have been busy- attending conferences, work deadlines, the kid’s major academic tests and a few domestic concerns plus a short, pleasant getaway last weekend. So, I suppose it’s acceptable to take a break once in a while.

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The Checklists that matter

It’s the second day of a new year. Do I feel different? Hard to say, really, considering I haven’t done anything to make it so.

I’m a checklist person, you see, so it seems natural to assume that I will have made  lists for the year ahead with enough bullet points and numbered schedules to keep me busy for the next 365 days.

It’s natural to want to be organised, especially when you’re trying to juggle many things at once. As much as I want to do complete justice to everything, it just isn’t possible. I find myself rather defeated at the end of each month, having drawn up grand plans and seeing less than half of them come to fruition. Continue reading “The Checklists that matter”