The fabric of Paper- #FiveSentenceFiction

Heather watched with pride as Bonnie took the new notebook out of the shiny brown wrapping paper from under the Christmas tree and leaped with joy.

Without wasting a second, Bonnie grabbed the new pencil from the coffee table and proceeded to write something in it, her little fingers scribbling as fast as they could and her tiny eyebrows converged at the centre, in furious concentration. Continue reading “The fabric of Paper- #FiveSentenceFiction”

Eternal Lament

The tears haven’t stopped yet
They flow afresh with every image, every headline and tweet I see
‘Why’ seems like a futile question
To ask of the ruthless Taliban who showed no mercy.

It isn’t enough to cry and grieve and mourn
For how can we even begin to fathom
That pain, that agony and terrifying silence
Which must be nestled in even one mother’s womb?

My heart stopped beating yesterday
Stunned into unspeakable muteness
By the sheer scale of the attack
Which rendered mute the lives of a hundred innocents.

Our world shakes on a rocky foundation
Where crimes are committed in the name of Religion;
Today, I stand in solidarity with every bereaved soul
Be they from Peshawar, Gaza or Sandy Hook Elementary School.