Pushed to the brink- #Five sentence #Fiction

“Make sure you pack the peaches tin, the can opener, some paper towels and some paper plates too since it’s going to be a long drive.”

Stella opened her mouth to say something but Nolan continued, “Oh and don’t forget the knives, the hand sanitiser, the paper cups, the blanket and the trash bags.”

She opened the kitchen cabinets to fish out all the items, muttering darkly under her breath, while Nolan rattled on, oblivious to her annoyance.

“We DO have hats, sunglasses, umbrellas and rain wear packed, I presume?”

Before Stella could turn and fling the can of peaches through the window in frustration, her mother-in-law’s soft voice cut through Nolan’s monologue, saying, “Really, the ONLY thing she ever forgot to check in the last six years was her wisdom in picking you for a husband, Nolan, so just go sit in the car and we will meet you there!”


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  ©Shailaja V

Written for Five Sentence Fiction’s Prompt: Irritation


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Hope on the Horizon- #Five sentence #Fiction

His creased forehead was furrowed in thought as he peered in serious contemplation at the Blackberry in his hand, quickly checking e-mail and messages, while she played absently with the strap of her handbag, slung over her left shoulder.

A neon light glowed on the wall above the elevator, indicating that it had reached their floor and before stepping in, on an impulse, she turned to him and said, ‘You know what we’ve never done, honey: Made out in an elevator!’

Blushing a bright shade of saffron, she regretted the words as soon as they’d left her lips as her  husband of 11 years gaped at her in astonishment.

In awkward silence they entered the elevator and as soon as the doors slid shut, he turned towards her and engulfed her in a passionate kiss while simultaneously hitting the Emergency ‘Stop’ button on the panel; a sensuous, sweltering, making-her-weak-in-the-knees kiss that lasted for 23 seconds.

Lifting his head, he smiled roguishly at her as she gazed at him, with a mixture of love and shock, and said, ‘Well, you never asked for one before, did you?’



Photo from Pixabay
Photo from Pixabay


  ©Shailaja V

Written for Five Sentence Fiction’s Prompt: Horizon


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