Pick a topic – #FlashFiction


Jayant’s piercing yell as he raced from his bedroom to the living room startled the following, in no particular order: his meditating grandmother, the pet cat who jumped the highest she ever had that week, one sleeping grandfather and Vijaya who was working on a crossword. All of them frowned at him for disturbing the peace that had settled on the Rangarajan household, a peace that inevitably followed a heavy lunch made on Sunday afternoons.

Grandma glared at him and mumbled about having lost her count on the japamala beads. The cat went back to looking annoyed and superior, much like an aggrieved Queen of Hearts and his grandfather slumped back into the curve of the armchair, his mouth opening slightly to emit his signature snore that resembled a run-down tractor. Vijaya was the only one who put down her crossword and flung a cushion at her brother’s head, saying, “You HAVE to stop doing that!” Continue reading “Pick a topic – #FlashFiction”

The Leap- #Flashfiction

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It was now or never.

The ground looked really far away from where Seth stood, his shoes gripping the edge of the precipice,almost willing him to step back and rethink his decision. He knew everyone was looking at him, some were expecting him to chicken out, while others were hoping he would take the plunge. Literally.

Let’s not disappoint them, said a tiny voice inside his head.

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From #15to50: Fiction Link Up- February 2015

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