Under the covers

Under the covers
It’s a comfortable place to be- this space under the white sheets. I’m sure you know what I mean. A part of you wakes up, fresh, energised, ready to greet the day and you take a leap into the embrace that awaits.
It’s an invigorating moment: that first minute when you realise that everything is possible, anything is worth achieving and that the whole world will conspire to get you that which your heart desires.

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Price of Sin- #Flashfiction

The angels sat around in a grumpy circle. Brows drawn, wings askew in petulant annoyance, they churlishly bickered over who would tell Him.

In He walked and saw their orb of downcast faces. What ails you all? he asked in surprise.

Dennis sinned, blurted out Ariel.

Dennis and Edna sinned, corrected Duma.

God smiled, They are but children. Let them be.They must be repenting it by now.

But, Haniel, the guardian angel of the Tree of Life, couldn’t take it anymore.

It was all that Eve’s fault, he spluttered. That mad woman!

God benevolently replied, ‘Mad as Adam’.

©Shailaja V

Word Count: 99

Something I wanted to try today  was to  use palindromes and weave a short piece around them.

Notice the words in bold font.

Even the word count is a palindrome 🙂

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I am a Write Tribe Pro Blogger– Blogging everyday for a year.

Today is Day 16

Write Tribe

Break the Writer's Block!- #Write Tribe

This week , over at my fun blogging group, Write Tribe, the Wednesday prompt is something every blogger can relate to:

The all-familiar Writer’s block.

Personally, I haven’t faced this too much in the last few months of blogging and I think that is mostly to do with the theme of this blog.

Here are (at least) five ways that I personally keep this dreaded demon at bay!

  • Write to prompts:

This is, by far, the easiest way to break the block. I signed up for at least 5 weekly alerts via various sites and get an e-mail when the new prompt goes up. The second I see the prompt, the mind starts whirring and the wheels are in motion. Keeping the pieces short helps me because it leaves me more time to blog hop across the challenge grids too. It’s also great practice for longer pieces or serial stories, if the mood strikes.

  • Mix it up!

Out here on my fiction blog, I mix it up with a good dose of the spooky, the creepy, the thought-provoking, the emotional, the comical (I hope!) when I write my short pieces. I generally look at a prompt and close my eyes and let the words play around in my head. Usually, at least three scenarios will pop up almost instantly. It can be difficult to choose, so what can be done? Easy, don’t choose 🙂 Write all three! A quick re-reading of the pieces will give you an idea of what will fit the prompt best. Then, go with your gut and publish it!

  • Snap it!

Back in April, when I met Vidya Sury, we had a good long chat about everything to do with blogging and then some. One of the things she said to me is something I started doing religiously. I click snaps. Now, I am a pretty laid-back photographer and not many of the snaps I take are Pin-worthy or would even make it to the edge of the Instagram iceberg. But, it is a fantastic way to break the block. Just one look at a picture like this one and I can think of at least 4 different versions of a story. And I clicked it with my smartphone camera on my way back from the bus stop, early in the morning. Inspiration is everywhere. Keep those eyes open and the camera handy!

Copyright: Shailaja V
Copyright: Shailaja V (Click to view large size)
  • Read a book

There is a reason that books are so appealing. They are chock-full of ideas, concepts, images, bits and bytes about every single thing that you write about. Sometimes, a line will speak to you in more ways than you thought possible. Why not turn it into a post? Credit the author/ book where  you found the quote. Not only is this good etiquette, it is also a great way to direct more writers/bloggers towards the fountain of inspiration.

Photo courtesy: Tumblr.com
  • Read the comments

You know when you write a post and then sit back for the comments to start rolling in? Yeah, I do that. But, I recently started doing something else. I started reading deeply into the comments left on my posts, as well as those left on other blogs. A comment on a story can give you an idea or a track that can be developed into a whole new post. Just like snapping your fingers and having that ‘Eureka’ moment!


Source: fotosearch.com

So, if you are a blogger/ writer, what do you personally do to break the Writer’s Block? Share away. I am all ears 🙂


This is written in response to the Write Tribe Wednesday Prompt:

Describe at least 5 ways you tackle Writer’s Block/ Blogger’s Block