A Friendship that Blossomed Online

A Friendship that Blossomed Online

Five years ago, I came across a person on a parenting website and then stumbled upon her blog. It was a very chance meeting and to this day, I wonder at the forces in the universe that must have been working overtime to make it happen.

In the short time that we’ve known each other, I feel like we’ve known each other forever! You know those memes about couples completing each other’s sentences? We do that!


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Longing #Poetry


I’ve watched this sky everyday
Hoping it’ll show me these colours
Once again
This confluence of aquamarine and baby pink
That merge almost effortlessly
Yet stay apart, distinctly.

I watch this sky today
And miss you every moment of every waking day
I long to sit by you
Pour out my heart
Watch as you listen
And lift me up
Like the sky that bears
The gentle pink clouds.

I will watch this sky everyday
And with all my soul, pray
That the Universe will bring you back
And let us be together
Inseparable, come what may.

  • Shailaja V,  2016