Funny search terms that lead to my blog

I love traffic. No, not the kind with snarling cars and belligerent horns. Oh and the motorists are pretty bad too. No, I mean the kind that leads to my blog, of course. So, I was checking my stats page yesterday and realised that there is an oasis of prompts right there for the days when I can’t think of what to write! Some of them are really funny search terms that people have used and I still don’t know how they landed on my page!


Let’s just explore a few and perhaps dispel some myths too while we’re at it.

  • poem about wasting words– Er, are you trying to tell me something? Because I choose my words, you know. All those extra words are needed! Don’t believe the ones who say otherwise!
  • bus no more candle– So were you trying to mourn for a bus that has gone and left you bereaved? I can’t think of any other use for a candle in a bus. Unless it’s dark and the streetlights aren’t working.
  • path chosen sentence– I am glad you found yourself on the path at last. I know it can be hard and feel like a sentence, but stay the course and you will find the path that you chose to lead you to a sentence. . . I’m sorry, what were we talking about again? 
  • how to get over 1000 facebook friends– I think I know what you mean. It’s hard enough to get over one breakup, let alone a 1000. When you find out the solution, do let me know.
  • sentence with raindropWait, I’m confused. Do you want a life sentence with a raindrop or you want ANY sentence with raindrop? Because that’s a big ocean, sister and I hope you got your life jacket on!

But, you know something? For all that, I still love you guys. Yes, you the readers. So, go on and type something that will lead you here. *Hint: Shailaja, Moving quill, awesome writer, cool gal, best thing to ever happen to blogosphere– are just some helpful hints.

No, really!


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Really Close- #AmWriting

“If you’ve got a minute, I need your feedback, darling.”

“Sure, Jim, tell me more,” she said, her eyes sparkling.

“This is just something I call ‘Close to My Heart’.”

With you by my side, my every task becomes easy.

As you toil away tirelessly, my love for you grows

Watching you furtively, taking every second breath, I sigh gladly.

Can I be so bold as to assume you care?

Without you, I must say, my world would be bare.

Dora’s eyes glistened, as she said, ‘That was beautiful, Jim.’

“It’s what the heart says to the lungs”, beamed Jim.

My Heart Beat
Photo Courtesy:

©Shailaja V

Word count: 100 (10 words in 10 sentences)

Written for Ten on Ten Tuesdays hosted by Cynthia and Deepika

This week’s prompt: Close to my heart


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Today is Day 67

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The Last Straw

Head in his hands, Gregory sat on the stoop in despair. Every single effort of his had failed. He just wasn’t able to stop Ian.

Five feet away, Ian sat watching him, a snarky expression playing on his face.

Shall I go on? he asked Gregory. I can do it all day.

No, please, stop. I beg of you, whispered Gregory, his voice choking with emotion.

Just one last time, grinned Ian. I mean, after all, a good pun is its own reword.

Groaning, Gregory flopped on his back, covering his ears and cursed Ian to the ends of the world.


Picture courtesy: Dreamstime
Picture courtesy: Dreamstime

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I am a Write Tribe Pro Blogger– Blogging everyday for a year.

Today is Day 19