The Fragility of Online Friends

Having online friends is no longer considered the resort of the lonely introvert with no social life who looks up people to chat with on a cold, Saturday night. Virtual friendship is a very real and somewhat interesting paradigm that has crept into our social fabric today. Yet, it’s also one of the most fragile things in existence today and I’ll tell you why.

In November last year, I noticed that I had over 1000 friends on Facebook and that over 180 of those were bloggers. More than 300 were people I had met on Facebook. 200 more were acquaintances I had known briefly either through my work or my life.

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Over 1000 Facebook Friends; Really!

I know what you’re thinking. Most likely, what this guy is not afraid to say:

Picture from: Creatememe

Your skeptical mind is saying, ‘1000 friends? Really?’

And five years ago, I would be standing where you are, saying that exact same thing! But, today, I stand on the other side of the boundary line. The lonely side, which I crossed into a while ago- the land of. . . Over Thousand Facebook Friends or to put it in short (OTFF)!

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