Five months to 40: What’s on my mind

Five months to 40: What’s on my mind

Remember my post from last month? The one I wrote on shifting perspective.

Yes, that’s the one. I wrote it exactly six months away from turning 40. Strange what a number on a calendar will do to you. I figured I need to do an update post here every month, just to keep things running, you know?

I need to be accountable to myself, in some sense. Am I actually following through on the ideas mentioned in that post? Am I happier today than I was a month ago? And, if anything, what can I expect of myself in the months to come? Continue reading “Five months to 40: What’s on my mind”

The Art of Forgiveness

The Art of  Forgiveness

Forgiveness is a strange concept yet delightfully fulfilling. When done with true intent it makes two people happy: The one forgiving and the one receiving it.

The month of February has been a rollercoaster one, personally. Despite the joy of moving into a new place, the plague of illness kept me from achieving full joy. Towards the end, though, I managed to find gratitude even in the dark moments. Continue reading “The Art of Forgiveness”