Hope on the Horizon- #Five sentence #Fiction

His creased forehead was furrowed in thought as he peered in serious contemplation at the Blackberry in his hand, quickly checking e-mail and messages, while she played absently with the strap of her handbag, slung over her left shoulder.

A neon light glowed on the wall above the elevator, indicating that it had reached their floor and before stepping in, on an impulse, she turned to him and said, ‘You know what we’ve never done, honey: Made out in an elevator!’

Blushing a bright shade of saffron, she regretted the words as soon as they’d left her lips as her  husband of 11 years gaped at her in astonishment.

In awkward silence they entered the elevator and as soon as the doors slid shut, he turned towards her and engulfed her in a passionate kiss while simultaneously hitting the Emergency ‘Stop’ button on the panel; a sensuous, sweltering, making-her-weak-in-the-knees kiss that lasted for 23 seconds.

Lifting his head, he smiled roguishly at her as she gazed at him, with a mixture of love and shock, and said, ‘Well, you never asked for one before, did you?’



Photo from Pixabay
Photo from Pixabay


  ©Shailaja V

Written for Five Sentence Fiction’s Prompt: Horizon


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An old birthday card- #memories

She found it when she was cleaning out her dressing table one day. It had a blue background and on the inside was the real treasure. It had been more than 6 years since she had opened it. Yet, she hadn’t thrown it away, despite moving 3 houses in that period.

With a slight shake, she put it back in the shelf and continued to sort out her perfume bottles and her nail polish stand. Neatly, she arrayed the make-up box alongside the cluster of earrings that stood by, shining and twinkling in the central shelf.

Stepping back, she surveyed the order with a sense of achievement and nodded her head. Her eyes strayed back to the object and with a big sigh, she reached for it. Tucking one leg under her, she dropped onto the bean bag in the portico and read the birthday card through at one glance. Tears fell fast and freely as each word registered in her aching heart.

happy birthday

‘My dearest S,

You are 16 now and yet, I remember the time when I picked you up when you were hardly sixteen seconds old. You are catching up with my age. I am the same age at heart 😉 Your turning 16 jolts me to the realisation that we have been apart for such a long time.  I still recall with a great deal of nostalgia the days (and they were such happy days) when you used to run around as a toddler. Well, we will not have them anymore.

Seriously, turning this age is a major milestone, when the way you see the world and the world sees you begins to change subtly. It is also the age when one begins to act and think responsibly and you are already living up to it. With this new move abroad, you will be gearing up for new challenges and I am sure you will measure up admirably.

Wishing you the best in the years to come. I know you will do us all proud in the years to come, wherever you go and whatever you do.

With lots of love,

Uncle B.


This was a card I received on my 16th birthday from a very dear uncle.

Eight years ago, I lost him to cancer. The pain is still raw on some days.

This card gives me solace and brings his face and smile alive for me, each time I read it.

Miss you, Uncle B. Far more than words can convey.


Unshed tears- Five Sentence Fiction

Look, that’s a yellow and black- backed butterfly and it’s about to settle on that really pretty pink flower now!

Hmm, that’s nice, dear, but can you keep it down a bit? I just have about ten more pages to finish.

Lila’s face dropped as she watched the butterfly first and then her mom, who never looked up from the engrossing novel clasped in her hands.

Pages of Lila’s childhood flipped by in fleeting memories as she watched the entire sequence in flashback.



     Written for Five Sentence Fiction's Prompt: Pages

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