A year old today – Lessons and Gratitude

BLog birthday

A day like any other dawned last May when I opened up WordPress and tentatively typed in my first blog post here on The Moving Quill. I wasn’t new to blogging, but I was new to everything else- the platform, the ‘likes’, the commenting system, the templates, the customisation, the notifications and most important, the audience. Continue reading “A year old today – Lessons and Gratitude”

Price of Sin- #Flashfiction

The angels sat around in a grumpy circle. Brows drawn, wings askew in petulant annoyance, they churlishly bickered over who would tell Him.

In He walked and saw their orb of downcast faces. What ails you all? he asked in surprise.

Dennis sinned, blurted out Ariel.

Dennis and Edna sinned, corrected Duma.

God smiled, They are but children. Let them be.They must be repenting it by now.

But, Haniel, the guardian angel of the Tree of Life, couldn’t take it anymore.

It was all that Eve’s fault, he spluttered. That mad woman!

God benevolently replied, ‘Mad as Adam’.

©Shailaja V

Word Count: 99

Something I wanted to try today  was to  use palindromes and weave a short piece around them.

Notice the words in bold font.

Even the word count is a palindrome 🙂

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