Write? About what? #MicroblogMonday


I have often caught myself asking this question, usually on the days that the Muse refuses to co-operate. There are days that she will stick her big fat rear flat on the ground and refuse to get off that space, come what may. You can plead, cajole, threaten and even do the cosmic dance before her, but no dice.

Yes, I have heard of writing prompts and the ubiquitous Writer’s Block too, but here is the nub of the nub and the core of the quandary:

You can write only when you are meant to write.

Yes, that is the plain truth of the matter, my dears. We can do everything in our power to squeeze the inspiration out of a rock, grasp at the burgeoning story in a blade of grass, skim the emotions off a bubbling pot of stew, savour the aroma of an idea in that field of roses, kick back and let the music of fifty violins wash over us in an orchestra and still not feel motivated enough to blog about it.

Sometimes, we are pushing so hard to get that idea out there that we forget one simple fact, which we must come back to time and again:

In the stillness of our mind, we can hear the voice of God

(or as in this case, the Muse).


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