Are you attached to your writing?

You know how it is. There’s this incredible idea (at least to you) germinating somewhere deep within and you can’t wait to put it down, write it up on the blog, publish it, send it to be seen by an editor- something, anything that tells you that the story deserves to be seen, read or heard.

Attachment to your writing is probably inevitable. After all, it’s part of you and the way you think, feel and breathe, most of the time. But in the age of social media and instant gratification, are we too attached to what we write?

Attached to your writing

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What voice do you write in?

Writing and reading fascinate me, the way pretty much nothing else can. One reason could be because of what I do for fun – blogging and the other reason could be because of what I do for a living – editing.

In my years as a reader, writer, blogger and now editor, one thing that keeps jumping out at me from a well-written piece is the author’s voice.

Voice used by writers

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