Reality bites #Poem

Reality bites #Poem

Call me, she said.

I will, he said.

Fingertips touched in parting
Air kisses punctured the silence;
Their ways parted
Like the sea of yore.

Wait she did
By the phone
for it to ring
and suspend anticipation.

Meanwhile he toyed
with the idea of calling her,
and opened Candy Crush on the screen.

Solitary- #Poem

Solitary- #Poem

Social media makes me wonder

If I am made for this interesting world;


I’m not a hardcore feminist

Or an armchair activist

Or even an out-and-out champion of anything bold;


In my pursuits I am simple,

In my discourse I am free,

I hold no reservations

About letting people see the soft side of me;


In online debate I find myself weak

Unable to hold forth for much time

On the vagaries of political sides

Or the strappings of religion

And the uncertainty of social tides.


My friends are my support

They know me for who I can be

Not one to shy away from happiness,

With me they can be at complete liberty;


So I may not be for you

If hardcore stances move your soul;

Moderation has always helped me along

Be it in the written or the spoken word.


And so I wonder if it is time indeed

To cut my ties with the world online;


For wouldn’t it be simpler

so infinitely, gloriously, beautifully true

If I could live my life

Without the opinions of the faceless many?


~ © Shailaja V, 2015

Filling the cracks – #Poem #Amwriting

Filling the cracks – #Poem #Amwriting

Break me down
Into little pieces
that fit into the cracks
of your incomplete self;

Let me fill those spaces
with the soothing touch
of empathy
dosed with a dollop of care.

How must it be
to be abandoned
quietly cut off
from the laughter all around?

Not everyone sees it.
Pretty much nobody hears it.
Practically speaking,
it doesn’t matter.

Yet some days, you want someone
to reach out
touch that core of sadness
feel that heartbeat of sorrow
reverberate with the despondency
of your fragmented soul

and say,

I know how it feels.

© Shailaja V, 2015