Are you attached to your writing?

You know how it is. There’s this incredible idea (at least to you) germinating somewhere deep within and you can’t wait to put it down, write it up on the blog, publish it, send it to be seen by an editor- something, anything that tells you that the story deserves to be seen, read or heard.

Attachment to your writing is probably inevitable. After all, it’s part of you and the way you think, feel and breathe, most of the time. But in the age of social media and instant gratification, are we too attached to what we write?

Attached to your writing

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The Real Reason you should Write

The Real Reason you should Write

Have you ever felt like you’re pouring your heart out and people just aren’t listening? Does it feel like the words come forth but they seem wasted in the way they float about in cyberspace without much ‘value’ or readership?

Up till about a week ago, I felt that. I would publish a post and sit back, waiting for people to say they loved it (hey, I’m human) or that it didn’t really resonate with them (well, I was probably vague) or even that tantalising notification which said someone ‘liked’ the post by hovering over that Word Press button (yes, that’s the icing on the cake).

But, something happened a while ago. Something unrelated to writing.

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